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(Today, 09:09 AM)
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Originally Posted by EatChildren

Whelp, Andromeda has entered Mankind Divided territory, where it sits unfinished and I don't really feel a draw to go back.

I will eventually, when I've finished some other games. But yeah. That's my review.

That is about where I'm at. Same with DXMD too, as it happens. Looking back, I *definitely* made a mistake engaging with the side content; it really wore me down, to the extent that I just can't bear to polish off the main quest either (which itself isn't particularly interesting).

There is so much *stuff* in the game, but most of it doesn't mesh together. Like the game couldn't decide what to be 'about'. The premise, the main quest arc, the viability stuff, the party-member character stuff - these aspects felt disconnected from each other. Since it lifts so much from Dragon Age: Inquisition (a game which I greatly enjoyed), the comparison is stark. In DA:I most of its elements came together to form a cohesive whole, being about the Inquisition, its place in the world, your role in that, and your relationships with party members with respect to it.

It is an epic bummer, since I've generally found ME games eminently playable and replayable (I've done over 30 playthroughs of ME2, over 20 of ME1, and over 10 of ME3 - unsurprisingly enough, I rank those games in that order too).

And as much as the combat mechanics are notionally improved in some aspects, the cost was quite high, and in any event, I don't play these games *for* their combat alone. It may not quite even be May yet, but for sure this title is my biggest gaming disappointment of the year.

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