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The Goat
(03-22-2017, 08:57 AM)
The Goat's Avatar
I finished Horizon last week, and I'm about 15 hours into Zelda. Both games have things I love, and things I hate. Horizons combat is far more fun for me, but Zelda's do anything you want approach is cool too. I just get frustrated with Zelda's sloppy controls and horrible button layout. Zelda's charm goes a very long way, though. The feeling you get from trying something off the wall, and it working in Zelda is amazing. The sense of discovery is Zelda's strongest aspect. Though I'm getting a bit fatigued on shrines and towers. Weapons breaking constantly wears thin fast, and the lack of inventory slots makes it all the worse. Upgrading that shit is a grind. The weather system in Zelda, brings the game to a grinding halt. So dumb I have to wait for the rain to subside or pass time to climb. Not fun.

Item management is pretty awful in both games, so that's a draw. H:ZDs camera made me a bit sick after a while, but Zelda has been fine, thankfully. I really wish Zelda had crafting for arrows at least.

So, take the arrow crafting, controls and combat from Horizon and put them in Zelda's world and I'd be happy.

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