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(12-31-2016, 06:28 PM)
VisceralBowl's Avatar

A thread for gaffers that are trying to play 52 games in a year. Tell us how you're doing and what you are going to play next - claim a post and update us on your progress.

How do I take part?
Claim a post (you may need two later). Write down each game and your thoughts about each one. Use this format for your post:




How do I know when I've completed a game?
That's up to you, it could be completing the game or playing 10hrs+ if it has no ending or a MP game. You can do replays, as long as all the games are completed in 2017.

Do I have to record time?

Do I have to review or comment on the games I complete?
No but it'd be nice to give a few words or maybe a quick score.Full blown mini-reviews aren't necessary.

Do episodic games count as a single game or X amount of games?
That's up to you. It's alright to count something like Life is Strange as one or five games. Your choice.

Can I finish a game I started in 1992 and count that?

What should I do once I've completed the challenge?
Shoot me a PM with a link to your post that shows all the games you've completed.

Do board games count?
They do not.

Is there a deadline?

Archive: 2014 | 2015 | 2016
50 Books. 50 Movies. 2017. Book and movie version of the challenge.

People who have completed the challenge will be posted here, please remember to send me a PM once you’re done!

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(12-31-2016, 06:28 PM)
Spyware's Avatar
Aw yiiisss!

Ended on 89 finished games in 2016. Sounds like a lot but I didn't finish a single game in two months and just a couple some other months. So I CAN do better. With a backlog of 333 games I HAVE to do better.

My goals for this year are:

To really trim the retro/semi-retro backlog.
I wanna beat everything on PS1, PS2, NES, SNES, GC, GB and GBA soon, so I'm gonna play as many of these as I can.

Get rid of the PS3 at my desk.
I have a secondary PS3 for a bunch of games I don't want to play on the TV. But the console is starting to go wonky and I want the space for other stuff. Time to beat the games already installed on it!

Actually play those long ass games I love.
I tend to feel like I waste my time when I play the games I love the way I love to play them. Which is spending countless hours on modding them and then around 400 hours on playing through them over and over (yeah I'm looking at you Fallout: New Vegas!). I want to play through The Witcher 2 at least 4 times but after the first time I got stressed about "wasting time" and couldn't continue. That's stupid and I need to change that.

Every pic is a link to a post with more info on what I thought.

Super Mario Land


Super Mario Land 2

Final Fantasy II

SteamWorld Dig

Alan Wake


999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Demon's Souls

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

Paint it Back

L.A. Noire

Horizon Zero Dawn

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

Life Is Strange

Gravity Rush



Metroid Prime


Metroid II: Return of Samus

Project Zero

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly

Project Zero III: The Tormented

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3


Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

The Samaritan Paradox

The Book of Unwritten Tales

Jolly Rover

The Last Door: Season 1

The Last Door: Season 2

Dracula: Resurrection

Dracula: The Last Sanctuary
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(12-31-2016, 06:28 PM)
Ladekabel's Avatar
This post is mine.

Did it three years in a row. I really, really hope I don't do it this year.


Game 1: Xanadu Next (PC): Great game though the block puzzles drag it down for me. 4/5

Game 2: Picross Touch! (PC): It was free and I wanted to play it instead of other games. Presentation is a little bit basic but it is free so I recommend it. I fear buying other Picross games now. 3/5


Game 3: Superhot (PC): It's the most innovative shooter I played in years! 5/5

Game 4: Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS): I brought Tibby back to Heaven World. Technically there are still a few levels left but I saw credits (and the levels now are a little bit too hard for me). Overall I really like it even if some of the rhythm games are terrible. My biggest problem is some games being either too fast, too slightly off-beat to play or both. No score.

Game 5: Yakuza 3 (PS3): My imtroduction to the series and I loved it. Definitely will continue with the series. Enjoyable combat, detailed world, style and a cool soundtrack. Didn't bother much with the sode stuff and it has a little bit of early gen jank. Still a good game overall though. 3/5

Game 6: Ys Origin (PC): I love the Ys series and Origin is probably my favorite one so far. Three characters, three versions of the same story. Sadly, one story mostly ignores the other two. 4/5.

Game 7: Refunct (PC): Really, really short, little and neat first-person platformer. 3/5

Game 8: Child of Eden (PS3): I like neon, particles and neon particles. I love the music and the presentation in Child of Eden but I really didn't enjoy two of the five levels. And some parts they added on the fundamentals set by Rez I didn't like, too. 3/5

Game 9: To the Moon (PC): A neat and unique story with a nice presentation. Almost had a tear in my eye. It's probably unfair, but the controls hindered my enjoyment. Especially in a later part of the game. 3/5

Game 10: Helly Yeah! (PC): I really wanted to like but the game is hit or miss and misses more in my opinion. 3/5

Game 11: Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight (PC): Great Metroidvania. Looks good, controls good but the soundtrack is forgetable imo. 4/5

Game 12: Octodad - Dadliest Catch (PC): Funny little physics thingie that is as long as its gimmick is interesting. 3/5


Game 13: Hitman Sniper (iOS): First-Person-Sniper that is enjoyable because of the touch controls imo. Nice presentation for a phone game and objectives are fun at first. Overstays its welcome sadly and in the last chapters too many missions goals are just "get high number of points for big score". Bought my ways through those because I saved up so much ingame money. 3/5

Game 14: Shock Troopers (Switch): Fun run and gun shooter although it controls a little to slow for my tastes. No score

Game 15: Thirty Flights of Loving (PC): That was something. No score

Game 16: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Swtich): Never felt I so compelled to explore a game world. There are a few shortcomings but this will likely be my GotY is one of my favorite games ever. I love it so much! 5/5

Game 17: Shadow Complex Remastered (PC): It has aged worse than I thought but it still is one of my favorite Metroidvanias. 4/5


Game 18: Snake Pass (Switch): Delightful physics platformer. Slithering around is fun. Soundtrack is nice but a bit samey for me. Bit blurry in handheld mode. Quite frustrating in times when you feel it doesn't control like it should which get worse with the camera issues. 3/5

Game 19: Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PC): One of the few Point and Click Adventures I can bear to play. Presentation, soundtrack, story and jokes are still great. 5/5

Game 20: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (Switch): Never played a Wonder Boy or Monster Land game but I loved this. The amazing art is what drew me into this additional to it being a fun game. 4/5

Game 21: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC): I like the Bad Company games for their campaign. I still enjoyed it though there were some garbage sections. 3/5


Game 22: Paint it Back (PC): Out of the three Picross games I played, Paint it Back is the best. Presentation and puzzles are great. 4/5

Game 23: Inside (PC): Weird puzzle platformer. It has some great and playful puzzles, I like the presentation and nothing could've prepared me for the last bit. 4/5

Game 24: PuyoPuyoTetris Adventure Mode(Switch): I skipped all the story stuff. The missions were sometimes pretty tough. Certainly not the mode you buy the game for. No Score

Game 25: Persona 5 (PS4): It's not better or worse than Persona 4: Golden for me. I liked most of the characters, the refined mechanics, the style and design. The main battle theme was no Reach out to the truth though. It'll be either my GotY or lose to Zelda if nothing better comes along. People should certainly play Persona 5 though. 5/5

Currently Playing:
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(12-31-2016, 06:29 PM)
Oreoleo's Avatar
(Banner images are links)

1. Love - .5 Hours

2. SteamWorld Dig - 7.5 Hours

3. Battlefield 1 - 55 Hours

4. Firewatch - 3.5 Hours

5. Pony Island - 2.5 Hours

6. Call of Juarez Gunslinger - 4 Hours

7. Hitman - 58 Hours

8. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - 44 Hours

9. Resident Evil 7 - 9 Hours

10. Pillars of Eternity - 75 Hours

11. XCOM 2 - 42 Hours

12. Pac-Man 256 - 5.5 Hours

13. Ace Combat Assault Horizon - 8.5 Hours

14. Star Fox Zero - 4 Hours

15. Race The Sun - 5.5 Hours

16. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 - 18 Hours

17. Kuru Kuru Kururin - 8 Hours

18. Pushmo World - 14 Hours

19. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 110 Hours

20. Bayonetta - 13.5 Hours

21. Kamiko - 3 Hours

22. Fallout 4 - 17.5 Hours
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(12-31-2016, 06:29 PM)
FlowersisBritish's Avatar
Gave up early, will probably again, give up early.
(12-31-2016, 06:29 PM)
Domstercool's Avatar
Signing for 2017. Failed 2014, passed 2015, failed 2016. Let's make 2017 a winner!

Total complete : 15

1: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (PC) - (4 hours 10 mins) 01/01/2017
# My yearly start and finish a game on New Years Day is complete. :)

2: Space Hulk: Deathwing (PC) - (8 hours ) 07/01/2017

#An all right game that could have been so much more. It's fun, but it needs more variety otherwise it becomes a little repetitive.

3: Dreadout (PC) - (4 hours 5 mins) 07/01/2017
#Indie horror that's decent enough, but does have rough mechanics/controls.

4: Year Walk (PC) - (1 hours 40 mins) 15/01/2017
#Interesting adventure puzzle-esque game, but I didn't find it as impressive as a lot of other people did.

5: Mass Effect (PC) - (18 hours 01 mins) 22/01/2017
#Replayed Mass Effect on PC (only played the 1st game on 360) to playthrough the trilogy before the new game hits.

6: Resident Evil 7 (PC) - (8 hours 20 mins) 28/01/2017
#Bought it the same day, played it in one sitting, loved it. Best RE since 4. Captures old RE with a mixture of horror films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Any like the RE1 Easter Egg Puzzle? :)

7: Splatoon (Wii U) - (22 hours 28 mins) 12/01/2017
#Great time with Nintendo's third person shooter, but it's time to retire it and make way for the new one that is out this Summer.

8: Sniper Elite 4 (PC) - (9 hours 40 mins) 23/02/2017
#Best in series. It makes some great improvements to the formula.

9: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) - (75 hours 20 mins) 08/03/2017
#Magical. Amazing. One of the best ever.

10: Nier: Automata (PS4) - (27 hours 20 mins) 18/03/2017
#A brilliant, slick action RPG pumped with so many cool and distinct features. http://darkzero.co.uk/game-reviews/nier-automata-ps4/

11: Persona 5 (PS4) - (110 hours 13 mins) 11/04/2017
#A beautiful gem of an RPG, and once again, makes me fall in love with its characters. I'll miss them like good friends. Also, the tweaks to the gameplay are the icing on the cake. :)

12: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) - (54 hours 11 mins) 28/04/2017
#Well Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is out, so it's time to retire the best Mario Kart for an improved version. :)

13: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III (PC) - (19 hours) 06/05/2017
#A different, but rather fun and exciting DOW entry, one that is hectic as hell and requires me to be constantly alert.

14: What Remains of Edith Finch (PC) - (1 hour 50 minutes) 07/05/2017
#Interesting tale to tell, and very varied in its vignette short stories.

15: Little Nightmares (PC) - (3 hour 5 minutes) 13/05/2017
#Cool indie game that has great atmosphere, graphics and sound. Has an interesting story too.
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Skyward Sheep
(12-31-2016, 06:29 PM)
Skyward Sheep's Avatar
Got pretty close last year, this time I think I can do it. Consider this a reservation.
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
Monooboe's Avatar
I'm in!:D Never done it before.:D
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
purseowner's Avatar
Here be my post.

This year will be the year - I feel it.

1. Pony Island (3hrs)


2. Pokémon Moon (27hrs)


3. VA-11 HALL-A (7hrs)


4. Power Hover (2hrs 45mins)


5. LittleBigPlanet PSP (7hrs)


6. Night in the Woods (~10hrs)


7. Super Mario Run (~3hrs)


8. Fast RMX (5hrs)


9. Emily is Away (45mins)


Currently Playing:
Persona 5
Fire Emblem Echoes
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Akiba's Beat
Cosmic Star Heroine
Snake Pass
Dragon Quest Builders
Toukiden 2
Full Throttle Remastered
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

On Hold:
Dragon Quest VIII
Xenoblade 3D
Hollow Knight
Thimbleweed Park
Assassin's Creed Rogue
The Disney Afternoon Collection
Voodoo Vince Remastered
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
The Caligula Effect

Planning to Play Next:
Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception
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Never buying another games console. Ever.
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
stuminus3's Avatar
Claiming a front page post so everyone can point and laugh at me when I beat less games than I did in 2016's challenge.

(I beat 6 games in 2016).
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
spons's Avatar
First timer here. Over 7 years of NeoGAF and never did this. Let's make it count.

Random backlog games for the near future
Sunset Overdrive, Unravel

1: Fallout 4 - 40 hours
With more toe-to-toe action and less role-playing than previous Fallout games, Fallout 4 shines in balance. Melee or FPS-like shooter with plenty in-between: it all works out great, which is an achievement for an open-world game. While it misses the dark humor established in New Vegas and lacks the grandeur of getting out of the vault for the first time in Fallout 3, the overall experience is smooth - modding weapons, the bases of major factions, set pieces and environments, all come together in a cohesive manner.

2: Saints Row 4 - 25 hours
Yeah, I collected everything. What seemed to become a chore was way more enjoyable then I'd ever imagined. Gliding, jumping and running through the city of Steelport is wicked fun. I didn't have any previous experience with Saints Row games and while that's basically necessary at this point as characters get introduced without any backstory, it did not hinder the chaotic superpower gameplay that forms the game. Highly recommended.

2017-04-23: More time to play video games, much more than before. Here we go. Also, Saints Row 4.
2017-01-28: I consider Fallout 4 complete after doing the main storyline for the major factions and many side-quests.
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Dot Hacked
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
Lindsay's Avatar
Noooo. Ya can't make me do it again. I can't make myself do it again!!

Originally Posted by Ladekabel

Did it three years in a row. I really, really hope I don't do it this year.

Exactly! Will still read an post in this thread whenever I do beat a game anyhow.

edit! would help if I subbed x.x; done!
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(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
thekonamicode's Avatar
I will claim my post!

Hope I don't fail miserably!!!
Junior Member
(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
wideface's Avatar
I'll try this year!

Crowtel Renovations
Uncharted 3
Yakuza 3
Gravity Rush Remastered
Yakuza 0
The Last Guardian
Horizon Zero Dawn
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(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
Wo33er's Avatar
#01 Inside | 8/10 | PC | 2nd Jan | 3.6hrs
Both technically and stylistically gorgeous with an attention to detail of both the world and the character animations that the story is portrayed elegantly without even a word. The gameplay gets repetitive before long but thanks to its short nature and mysterious unraveling tale it's more than captivating until it's impressively haunting conclusion.

#02 Pneuma: Breath of Life | 4.5/10 | PC | 3rd Jan | 4.5hrs
The pretty aesthetics lured me in along with a hefty 85% price cut, though below the surface there's little depth with simplistic puzzles, a heavily linear world and a tedious existential narrative driven story. It's not a game I'd go out of my way to recommend, especially at a time where there are so many strong alternatives like The Witness.

#03 DOOM | 9/10 | PC | 8th Jan | 13.6hrs
DOOM is a stunning faithful adaptation of the original genre defining masterpiece brought into the modern era, to a comparable degree as Metroid Prime was to Super Metroid. The gunplay is absolute bliss, arguably the best I've experienced, with a flawlessly implemented melee gameplay loop that fits like it was always meant to be a part of the series. Fantastic, frantic and fluid from start to end.

#04 Black Mesa | 5/10 | PC | 8th Jan | 10.2hrs
I've waited at length for a reason to play Half Life again for the longest time, eagerly awaiting Black Mesa. Unfortunately whilst it's a great remake on paper the game itself corrupted my saves multiple times, and the tired gameplay and awkward pacing hasn't aged nearly as well as I'd hoped. Managed to drag myself through the later half of the game, and can only hope my desire to play Half Life 2 through against isn't as disappointing.

#05 Abzu | 6/10 | PC | 8th Jan | 1.2hrs
I'd like to just draw comparisons to it being Journey underwater, but that'd be too lofty a compliment. Its presentation is stunning throughout but greatly lacks the depth and emotional engagement that Journey posses. A lot of this comes from it being a solo adventure, but also because the silent tale isn't half as impactful a... journey.

#06 Among The Sleep | 5/10 | PC | 8th Jan | 1.6hrs
Beautifully creative horror game that has you witness the terrors of normality through the eyes of a baby. Unfortunately creativity aside the game falls short in both horror and enough gameplay depth to remain engaging for its short timespan. The novelty runs dry pretty quickly, and the games pivot beyond normality only proceeds to drag it down.

#07 Chrono Trigger | 8/10 | SNES | 12th Jan | 23.5hrs
After multiple attempts I finally worked my way through this heavily praised RPG classic. Whilst not a fan of JRPG games in general, there's a charm and accessibility to Chrono Trigger that made it easy to stick with. The combat system, thankfully avoiding excessive RNG, is great and is coupled with fantastic character development and intertwined story.

#08 Uncharted 4 | 9/10 | PS4 | 22nd Jan | 12.5hrs
By no surprise Naughty Dog once again delivers a masterpiece. The storytelling pace from start to end is sublime, with gameplay set pieces and character development that rival anything they've achieved prior. Graphically stunning, fantastic music, delightful conclusion... it's a the perfect send off to a series that'll be remembered as a classic.

#09 Ys: The Oath in Felghana | 7.5/10 | PC | 28th Jan | 15.7hrs
First Ys game, and likely won't be the last. Whilst I dislike making the over common comparison to Dark Souls; it's essentially that with an isometric camera and a faster tempo. With varied enemy encounters, some platforming elements, challenging engaging boss fights and a passable story means it gets my recommendation.

#10 NOT A HERO | 6/10 | PC | 29th Jan | 5.4hrs
Take a pinch of Hotline Miami, spin its camera on its side, add a dash of platforming and you've got a charming and challenging action platformer. The style, music and gameplay come together brilliantly with enough wit, gore and a reasonable length for it all to remain fresh and fun until the final mission concludes.

#11 Resident Evil 5 | 7/10 | PC | 6th Feb | 17.5hrs
Compared to Resident Evil 4 it falls short in absolutely every conceivable way but is saved if only by its online co-op component that allows for its overly exaggerated nature to work brilliantly when experienced with a partner. Far too long in the tooth, and with a slew of weak chapters, the game outstays its welcome far before it's weak conclusion.

#12 The Talos Principle | 5/10 | PC | 15th Feb | 17hrs
Played alongside the marvelous The Witness the game falls short of compelling world building or puzzle design. After having put the game down multiple times I finally dragged myself to its conclusion, and as expected the payoff wasn't worth the investment. A game that would have greatly benefited from being a quarter of the length it was.

#13 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective | 9/10 | 3DS | 23rd Apr | 12hrs
A novel gameplay loop that against all odds continues to expand in complexity and is supported by a intriguing layered story that kept me hooked from start to end. The twists aren't overly apparent and the character development is handled exceptionally well, right to its fantastic revealing conclusion.

#14 What Remains of Edith Finch | 9/10 | PC | 30th Apr | 2.6hrs
Exceptionally creative and beautifuly told short stories walk you through the life of the Finch family in one of the most memorable 'walking simulator' games I've played to date. Whilst extremely short it's a well balanced length not to outstay its welcome, and the variety in storytelling keeps the game fresh from start to end. A recommended storytelling experience for those keen on the genre.
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(12-31-2016, 06:30 PM)
sackninja's Avatar
I will try and ail again this year. I have important exams but that should be balanced out by the summer hopefully.

Anyway, getting a nice first page post.
(12-31-2016, 06:31 PM)
FrankWza's Avatar

Originally Posted by Ladekabel

This post is mine.

Did it three years in a row. I really, really hope I don't do it this year.

Junior Member
(12-31-2016, 06:31 PM)
Sendou's Avatar
Previous years: 2014 // 52 games || 2015 // 16 games || 2016 // 23 games

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption January 20th

Finally finished the trilogy! I understand why fans have been so desperate for a new game now. Overall I'd say it was my least favorite in the trilogy but it was still such a good game. Both soundtrack and presentation were excellent as is expected from Metroid Prime titles. Didn't enjoy the forced Wiimote gimmicks but I guess it's part of the Wii era's legacy. Really hope Nintendo makes a modern game in this style. Next in the Metroid series I'll be exploring the 2D Metroid titles!

Assassin's Creed: Revelations January 21th

To give some context I was a huge fan of AC2 and Brotherhood. Think I 100%'d both of those games. Yet I never played the 4th game in the series till now. I think in a way I was feeling fatigued from too many AC games releasing over short period of time. Yet late last year I felt the urge to play another AC game so decided to go with the next one in order since I already owned it and all. Overall I'd say it's a solid 6/10. Worth playing but honestly it's already so dated in design. Stealth is bad, combat is bad and overall so many of the design choices are bad. Although I have to say soundtrack is once again excellent!

Rise of the Tomb Raider January 28th

I liked the first game in the rebooted Tomb Raider series so naturally I was excited to give this one a go. Luckily it seems like they managed to improve on almost everything from the first game! I was especially fond of the Siberian winter location. Really strikes a chord with someone living the northern parts of the Earth. I really liked exploring tombs and solving the puzzles there. I actually liked it so much I would have preferred they didn't ramp up the amount of gunplay as much as they did towards the end. Guess it's an AAA sort of thing? It's just that combat is not the game's strongest part. Also would have hoped that the hint system was optional while still retaining the ability to highlight environment objects. DLC from what I saw was largely a cash grab. Drop in quality from the main game.

Fire Emblem Heroes February 7th

This game wasn't on my radar at all. Yet it was easy to give it a go thanks to the F2P model. I have to say I was surprised. Of course I knew Nintendo isn't going to put out a bad game using their IP but for some reason I didn't expect much from this title. It's in fact pretty fun distraction and nice treat for a fan of the series. Of course story is nonsense and gameplay is much more simplistic than other games in the series but I think it's a good fit for the platform.

Stardew Valley February 19th

One of my favorite games from last year. Never played Harvest Moon games so can't really compare it to them but I was straight up hooked to this game. It has unique charm and clearly the world has been lovingly crafted. It feels like there is just the right amount things to do. Definitely will return to this (maybe on Switch?) and try to make a prettier farm.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action 25th February

Probably my least favorite out of the games I played this year. I didn't particularly enjoy writing even if OST and artstyle were very nice. Just never was a huge fan of the "gameplay that is not supposed to be fun" trend that Papers, Please started. Still glad I finished it.

Civilization VI 27th February

Civilization is such a fun game. I really enjoyed the games that came before in the series so I was happy to go all in from day 1 with VI. I wasn't happy to notice that it feels even more unpolished than V did at the time. Some inexcusable game breaking bugs and other things that I'm sure are going to be fixed in future patches but as it stands it's not the best experience. Core game is obviously fun and I'm sure I'll get my money's worth eventually but they did lose a bit of my faith this release. That said I will still be looking forward to future DLC and patches that will make me return to it for sure.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 29th April

Strangely enough I wasn't that excited for the game before it's launch. I was looking at everyone and people were so out of their minds about this game. For sure it was the next Zelda and that alone is exciting but I didn't quite get what it was that drove people so insane. Well when I started playing I could right away see what people were seeing.

I'd argue BotW managed to construct the best open world I have experienced so far. It feels like everywhere there is a secret to be unveiled or some unexpected event. Playing around with the physics and thinking of your own ways to solve puzzles is so satisfying. It feels like the developers want you to break their creations and it's fun. Combat is best in Zelda game yet and much better than I could have dared to expect. Soundtrack can be minimal but still absolutely spectacular. Graphically especially after the patches it's a wonder what they managed to achieve.

Of course story is whatever but can't say I ever expect much in that area. Will surely be interesting year for me personally! I would expect Super Mario, Splatoon and Zelda be very close to each other when deciding my personal GOTY.
(12-31-2016, 06:31 PM)
JoJoShabadoo's Avatar
#1 Battlefield 1 ★★★★☆ PS4 - Jan 6th - 10+ hours

10 hours and counting. The only multiplayer I'm currently playing. This is my first FPS since Call of Duty 4 back in 2007, for some reason, so due to that I'm having a lot of competitive fun. I'm pretty much only playing team deathmatch, as I'm not a big fan of the 64-player maps and vehicles being used for online.

#2 Hitman ★★★★☆ PS4 - Jan 6th - 10+ hours

So much content in this game. Really fun to figure out the challenges. So far I have 100% Mastery on 3 out of 6 levels. The one thing holding the game back is the OST (some good songs, but overall a lot is generic spy thriller stock music) and the American/British voice actors in all the levels despite being in foreign countries really throws me off at times.

#3 Until Dawn ★★★½☆ PS4 - Jan 9th

I beat this game in two sittings, a little over half on Saturday night, and the rest on Sunday night. All in the dark, with loud volume, etc. I'm wanting to play more horror games, especially in anticipation to Resident Evil 7. The game wasn't scary, but it was a bit tense. It was over-reliant on jump scares which I thought was cheap (the characters prank each other over 15 times) but honestly outside of probably 8 or 9 times, I didn't even get startled. I guess the whole campy teen slasher vibe, plus the fact that you're rarely alone, helped in making it more of a "thriller" game than horror. In a way it was disappointing as I wanted something truly frightening, but it was good enough in creating one of those choose-your-own adventure type stories.

Anyways, the game itself was a lot of fun to play. The story was just OK, I didn't like the mystery. Honestly it would have been better if you didn't play the prologue as the sisters, and if they just went "missing". The mine story from the past was disjointed, and the mystery man ended up being resolved by the 2nd act. However the interactions between the characters was for the most part well done, and the decision-making was as good as in some other games, though not quite up to the level of Life is Strange.

#4 Resident Evil 7 ★★★★☆ PS4 - January 31st

A great return to form. A lot of fun and as soon as I finished I wanted to experience it again (on Madhouse mode, of course). Not perfect; as many have echoed, the final act drops the ball a bit. Some overall disappointments such as the same enemies throughout the entire game. Playing the game with headphones revealed a subtle soundtrack that fits really well and adds to the atmosphere. The sound design was incredible throughout the entire game. Some RE staples were present, though I was hoping for more (such as the first person view of an unknown creature following you). Loved the boss fights.
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Here we go!

Game #1 - Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator
Time: 3 hours

I bought this for myself and a friend on a whim because it was dirt cheap on sale (less than a dollar) and we proceeded to spend the next 2 hours insulting each other. It was super fun, and the game has a shocking amount of depth and strategy. Its like a faux "fighting" game, where you choose from a list of words to compose phrases to insult each other. There are combos and even combo breakers, characters have weaknesses so you want o try and steal the words that would hurt you most, or that hurt the other character's weakness... like I said, more depth than I expected. There isnt much content, I unlocked all but the secret character and stage (it requires more grind than Im willing to put into it) but what there is there is totally worth the $1.99 base price. I might get back to it now and then but for now I got what I wanted out of it.

Game #2 - Sneaky Sneaky
Time: 3 and half hours

Super cute little stealth puzzle game. I actually ended up getting the best score and all the collectibles on each stage because I got super into perfect runs (the curse of stealth games where you restart as soon as you mke a mistake lol). Its not very long, and its a mobile port, but I thought the mechanics were great and I just love the look of it. Theres a simple level up system to improve your health or damage from your sword and bow, vrious items you unlock throughout the campaign, overall just pleasant little game. Well worth a playthrough, especially if you like stealth games.

Game #3 - Doom (2016)
Time: 10 hours

Doom is almost the perfect game, and no I dont mean that its the best game ever. Its not even my GOTY for 2016, far from it. But its one of the few games I cant say anything bad about, it executes what it sets out to do flawlessly, and is an instant classic. It looks amazing, the gameplay is so fast and frenetic, the weapons feel great, the soundtrack is metal as fuck, its a long ass campaign for a FPS, the level design is terrific, like I said, Is truggle to find something bad to say about it. Its one of those games that we will always easily recomend when someone asks "hey what should I play?". High stakes for the sequel tho, damn.

Game #4 - Hexcells
Time: 3 hours

Holy shit this was addicting. Played it in almost 1 sitting, just had to do one more puzzle and then one more and then... you get the idea. Very similar to Picross games, at least in spirit if not execution. Super mellow, great puzzles, I got 100% in it (no mistakes because I always restarted if I fucked up, like with every pictross game) and cant wait to play the others. Here's a little depressing nugget... I had actually dimissed this series as bundle fodder trash and chucked it in my "completed" category on Steam without even installing it, when I did my "man im not gonna play any of this crap in my lifetime" cleanse of my list. Thank god a gaffer told me they were like Picross / Paint it black, that was a huge fuck up on my part lol.

Game #5 - Hexcells Plus
Time: 10 hours

Welp, that was a disapointment after the first one. Its a much (MUCH) harder game than the first one, and thus, much longer, which im sure the majority will apreciate but for me some of the later puzzles were just an exercise in frustration. The lack of save state (something that is fixed in Infinite it seems) is completely baffling because these puzzles take ages to finish. The new rules did nothign for me, especially the diagonal lines, which basically just gave me a headache from having to tilt my head all the time. Whats next, upside numbers? I was just happy to delete the game when I finished it, which is something you kinda dont want to feel with games lol. Completely turned me off playing the next one unfortunately, since I loved the first. Back to Pain it Back I guess.

Game #6 - Epistory Typing Chroniclaes
Time: 7 hours

Very neat "typing" action rpg, where you basically type words to attack enemies or interract with things in the world. I lvoe the look, mimicking fold out story books, the gameplay is great, if a little daunting if you arent a very good / fast typer (I actually had to turn off the adaptive difficulty because of this), soundtrack is whimsical, and theres a bit off the path zones and secrets to explore and find. Very cool little package that manages to do something different and original, which always scores big points with me.

Game #7 - Beyond Eyes
Time: 2 hours

The most literal of walking simulators, as the little girl you control walks at the slowest pace ever, which got very old very fast (and the game is very short on top). Anyway, the story of a blind girl searching for her cat friend in a visually impressive world where you only "see" whats near you. Some great visual and sound tricks using this theme, but overall, this walking sim did very little for me. Like I said, the gameplay is very slow and bordrline frustrating, and theres little to the story, except the ending which is quite good and dark. I continue to be hot and cold on walking sims, as I love some and then others do nothing for me.

Game #8 - Story About my Uncle
Time: 4 and half hours

Great idea, not so great execution is how I would describe Story about my Uncle. For the most part the first person platform / swinging is fine, but there are some terribly frustrating jumps later on in the game that really drag the experience down, as the physics are not always there, the hook doesnt always attach when you expect it, and it all kinda falls apart. It has the same problem that Mirror's Edge had, where its awesome until you stop and lose momentum. Except it doesnt have Mrror's Edge cool character to back it up. Still, its a great looking game, and fun when it works.

Game #9 - Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall
Time: 5 hours

Fantastic DLC to a fantastic game. I forgot how much of a killing sandbox Dishonored is, since I havent played it since I finished it on release back in 2012. The DLC is more of the same, with a focus on Daud this time around. Its very robust, with a bunch of upgrades to collect and huge levels to explore, in fact, I probably could / should have finished it faster but I just have to explore all those levels man. Time to move on to Brigmore Witches then.

Game #10 - Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches
Time: 4 hours

Essencially part 2 of what should have been one giant old school expansion to Dishonored, since both work together to form essencially a full game. Anyway, I liked this one more than the first one, it has better locations and actually some new enemy types. Plus it gets all freaky and supernatural which is cool. Both are amazing DLCs tho, some of the best ive seen in any game, and not only are they totally worth playing, but they actually make Dishonored better game, because it fleshes out Daud's character in ways you had no idea in the main game, and actually makes your decisions in that one much more important. Great stuff.

Game #11 - Jotun
Time: 4 hours

Fantastic action adventure game, with more focus on exploration than actual action. Most of the action in fact comes from the giant bosses you fight, as there is little else in the way of enemies throughout the zones. Its not very long but it still manages to be super varied in the zones it presents, which all come to life with the game's fantastic hand drawn graphics. Cool powers to collect, awesome narration, and a ton of norse mythology lore makes this one of my favorites in while.

Game #12 - Evoland
Time: 3.5 hours

Cute little homage to rpgs over the years, from zelda to final fantasy to diablo. If it was any longer it wouldnt work, but as is it was totally enjoyable. Just dont go in expecting an actual rpg or challenge, just play it for the various homages, both visual and mechanical. I wonder what they did in the sequel, if its more of a "actual" game, because the same schtick wouldnt really work a second time around.

Game #13 - Wolfenstein The Old Blood
Time: 5 hours

Awesome stand alone prequel to New Order, Old Blood has the same great mix of stealth and balls out action that the "full game" had back in 2014. BJ has to recover a important document with the location of Deathhead's compound, and this takes him on a variety of locations in the 4-5 hour campaign. Great weapons, great gameplay, the only real problem I had was that it ran like shit on ultra and I had to bump it down. Great game nontheless, cant wait to see what Machine Head do next.

Game #14 - Power Hover
Time: 2.5 hours

I'm not a big fun of runner style games but I enjoyed this one. The campaign isnt very long, I finished it in a little over 2 hours, even got 3 stars on every level (except the bosses), the levels were fun enough to restart if I missed somehting. I really like the flat shaded look of the game, and the level design is quite good. Except for the boss levels, which are basically random generated levels to see how long you can last (luckily the score you need to get to progress isnt very high), I thought these were by far the worst part of the game and relied more on good RNG on the traps than actual skill. Still, cool little game overall.

Game #15 - Refunct
Time: 22 minutes

Very short but cute first person paltformer that has you restore color to various platform islands. Thats about it, but the music is relaxing, the gameplay is good (wall jumps son!) but it is more "experience" and than game, so it might not be for everyone. Worth a play tho if you get it in a bundle (like I just did in humble bundle).

Game #16 - Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
Time: 2.5 hours

Great little platformer that unfortunately is very short, as I was really into it. The levels are great and look fantastic (well the game whole game does), theres lots of variety in places you visit, but its all over way too soon. You need to collect 7 gems to face the last boss, and it starts off by being 1 gem per zone/boss, but then it rushes near the end and you get 2 gems per zone (each zone is only 2 small levels and a boss usually). Shame because I really liked it. Narration is cool also.

Game #17 - Meltdown
Time: 5 hours

This was a nice surprise, it looked like any other dual stick shooter, but its actually more of a isometric cover based shooter. You can take cover, vault over cover, dodge roll, pretty much everything you can do in a third person shooter, oinly from a top down / isometric view. Finished all 30 missions but the game doesnt really end, its meant to be replayed and level up your character, so you can replay levels or do them with friends (or randoms) online. Theres a bunch of stuff to level, from skill trees, you can buy and then upgrade various weapons and gear, the weapons even have their own little skill trees so you can actually customize how you play the game. Very cool stuff. I also really like the look, but unfortunatly theres pretty much only one tileset (which changes up a bit around level 20 upward) so it can get repetitive.

Game #18 - Final Fantasy XIII
Time: 52 hours

My second playthrough since I had played it on ps3 on release, I liked it then and I like it now... but im not even sure why. I wouldnt exctly defend it against people that hate it, I probably like it for weird reasons. Still, the mmo-style trinity battle system is great once you wrap your head around it, the story is incoherrent anime (bad anime at that) nonsense, but at the same time it has heart, the characters are good (imo), its still gorgeous and the music is fantastic. Like I said, Im not sure why I like it, but I do, quite a bit in fact. Super excited to strt 13-2 which Ive never played.

Game #19 - Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
Time: 11 hours

Absolutely fantastic return to form for Capcom as any doubts I had about the new direction vanished when I played the first hour of the game which was one of the strongest intros ever in a videogame for me. It goes off the rails a bit near the end (and by that I mean it goes "full Resident Evil crazyness" which might disapoint some that just wanted the family stuff) but I didnt mind that, its super creepy, good lenght, the classic RE style gameplay is all there, from puzzles to backtracking to big locales that loop around and have a bunch of weird locked doors, the ammo scarcity (except near the end), it compeltely feels like a RE game but with a fresh coat of paint. Its also the best horror movie homage with stuff from evil dead, poltergeist, texas chainsaw massacre and others in there. Great game, actually considering buying the season pass after that.

Game #20 - Evoland 2
Time: 17 hours

Evoland 2 was easily one of my most pleasant surprises in years really. Would have been a top 10 game in whaever year it came out in tbh (I think 2015 but maybe last year?). Just fantastically crafted, loving homage to gaming throughout the years except this this time unlike the first one (which was more of a proof of concept), theres a great game wraped around it, with a shockingly decent time travel story. Highly recomended.

Game #21 - Final Fantasy IV
Time: 27 hours

Stange relationship with this one, as I lvoed half of it, and absolutely hated the second half, and sincethe bad stuff usually leaves a stronger impression on you, thats the one that is going to stick with me. I enjoyed the first 15 hours or so, really liked the low poly look and the story was fun if a little simple, but I liked a lot of the stuff it was doing mechanically with mixing battles and cut scenes, and the way you constantly changed your party for story reasons. Unfortunately eventually the story becomes super cliche, nobody actually dies which really annoyed me, the whole group is super incompetent, and there is a ridiculous difficulty spike near the end (the last dungeon is probably my least favorite zone in any rpg I can remember), so much so that I just wanted the game to end, which is never a good thing. This is a Final Fantasy game I will never replay again (ironically since its built for multiple playthroughs). Left a really bad taste in my mouth man, I hope 6 brings me back on FF's good graces.

Game #22 - Abzu
Time: 1.5 hours

Conflicted feelings on this one because I loved everything about it as a game, but given how short it is, could never recomend it at its price point. Gorgeous visuals and amazing soundtrack, gameplay is very simple and theres barely any actions to do (some sections where you have to press switches and thats about it), but its a fantastic experience that everyone should go through, if you find it cheap or in a bundle or something.

Game #23 - Paint it Back
Time: 73 hours

Yu, 73 fucking hours. My god that game has a lot of content. To be fair tho, I found out way too late that you could jump straight to master puzzles and it would give you the previous difficulty medals automatically, I was doing every puzzle before that lol. Anyway, amazing picross game that was by far my favorite of the genre. Great puzzles, some are real brain breakers, and just the amount of content in such a low price is unbeatable. One of the goats for sure.

Game #24 - Nights of Azure
Time: 24 hours

I really enjoyed this even tho I dont particularly think its a great game. Action rpg with simple combat (devil may cry this aint) and a cool minion system in bland empty environments, and a story out of a bad 90s anime. But at the same time, the characters are good, the story has heart (especially for dealing with a gay relationship, dont let the fan service of the character clothes fool you, this is actually quite subdued and cute instead of sexual), and I liked the loop of going out killing monsters to level up my skills and minions. Also its meaty content wise, lots of sidequests, multiple endings, post game content to get the true ending (which I did), so there's a lot here to enjoy if you get past the fan service and simple combat.

Game #25 - Song Of The Deep
Time: 9 hours

Finished with all upgrades but I missed 2 items (the super versions of 2 of the weapons), 9 hours so decent lenght for the genre (how long to beat had it at 6 for the story but I did a fair bit of exploring for items as usual in these games, those 6 hours must be really rushing). Anyway its a great game, game play is good with great level design, combat feels nice once you get all your tools, except for one particular enemy that shows up late in the game, and the physic-y nature of the game sometimes is a little cumbersome, but overall it plays great. It also looks fantastic with a ton of great depth of field effects. All in all a very worthwhile metroidvania (yes Ill continue to call them that).

Game #26 - They Breathe
Time: 30 minutes

Err... what? So I didnt like They Breathe at all, and baffled by the critical acclaim it has, I thought I was missing some deep metaphor the game was trying to tell or something, but no, even the devs say its just what you see, some weird ass alien thing is taking over frogs. For something touted as a horror game and a deep experience, im here left scratching my head because I played a 30min simple game to collect bubbles while avoiding enemies, and that was it, it did nothing for me, neither did it creep me out, left me wondering, or even satisfied me with gameplay. Huge dud imo :/

Game #27 - Zombo Buster Rising
Time: 2 hours

Neat little PvZ style lane defense game, there's not much to it but its fun for its short duration. Cute graphics, action-y gameplay since you are doing a lot of the aiming yourself, just a cool little time waster, well worth playing if you like the genre.

Game #28 - Thirty Flights of Loving
Time: 12 minutes

Super short story that unfortunately did nothing for me. The narrative, what there is of it, is incoherent rabble jumping you from scene to scene like its trying to be a Tarantino movie or something, there a little interaction but none that matters (its basically a walking simulator, and I dont even dislike those, I loved Stanley Parabale, Gone Home and others), its not a looker by any means but it does have a style I guess, even if I didnt like the style, and the whole thing is over in 10 minutes. Complete dud.

Game #29 - Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore a Fedora
Time: 4 hours

Man what a huge dissapointment this turned out to be. A 2d side scrolling adventure about a series of cases you and your cat partner need to solve in a cool noir-ish hgumsho detective setting. The ame felt super janky from the start but I was able to voerlook it becaus eI was into the adventure part and the writing, but about halfway through it starts to rely more on actual paltforming and it just falls apart because, it just plays horribly. It also gets super confusing near the end, so much so that the devs had to patch in a way to bypass something near the end (you can buy an item to do it), thats how fucked it gets. Real shame because I was super into it in the first couple of hours.

Game #30 - Spaceport Hope
Time: 4.5 hours

Short but neat little metroidvania, with what seems to be a big focus on collecting stuff because there was a lot of zones I ended up not even going to, because the game just abrubtly ended. Still, for $1 (or 25cents currently on sale lol), its quite good for what you pay, the graphics are pixel art-y, kinda rekind me of cave story, there's lots of weapons, the story is weak but thats not really the focus of these games in the end. Far from the best of the genre, still, if you are a metroidvania nut and want another one, its notterrible.

Game #31 - Titanis
Time: 2.5 hours

Mediocre 2d sidescrolling shooting game with a cool skill tree with various powers to get and a varety of levels with objectives and side objectives to complete. The whole thing feels like a flash game, from the looks to how it plays, but I give it credit for trying at least, it has a little post apocalypse story going on, like I said the skill tree is cool, and its perfectly playable, its just...not very good. Its short tho, so theres that. Im stuck in this streak of short, not very good games because I dont want to start anything big before Hollow Knight, and its kinda bumming me out lol.

Game #32 - Reverse Crawl
Time: 2.5 hours

This is more like it! Don't let the awful name fool you, this is a super fun little strategy rpg, with a ton of different units, great art style, and doesnt overstay its welcome. The battles remind me alot of the King's Bounty series, if a little more simplefied. There is a NG+ and a endless mode when you finish (a campaign isnt very long, 2-3 hours at most). I had a great time with it and would recomend it to anyone that likes the Kings Bounty or just strategy rogs in general.

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Guess I'll give it a shot. I am notorious for not finishing games, so my friends and family tease me about it. I don't know if I can do 52 but I'll try my best!

1. Killzone Shadowfall (PS4) - Completed 1/1/17 - I got this at launch, played maybe two chapters of it and set it aside. Decided to come back and give it a while after beating FFXV and Dark Souls 2: Scholar. I wasn't something different than what I'd just played, so figured and FPS may be a good start and it'll take one out of my backlog. Overall, it was...ok. Gunplay felt inaccurate at times and the last two chapters are some of the most frustrating levels I've played in a very long time.
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Here for another year!

Previous Years:

Minishdriveby - 15/52 Games | 10/12 TV Seasons | 8/24 Books | 35/100 Movies

1. Uncharted 4 (PS4) - 13 Hours 27 Minutes
Status: Beaten - 01/01/2017

Originally Posted by Minishdriveby

2. The Last Guardian (PS4) - 10-12 Hours
Status: Beaten - 01/01/2017

Originally Posted by Minishdriveby

3. Dark Souls III (PS4) - 31 hours 43 minutes
Status: Beaten - 01/01/2017

Originally Posted by Minishdriveby

4. The Witness (PS4) - 25 hours
Status: Beaten - 01/02/2017

Originally Posted by Minishdriveby

5. Thumper (PC) - 7 horus 12 minutes
Status: Beaten - 01/08/2017

6. DOOM (PC) - 9 horus 54 minutes
Status: Beaten - 01/15/2017

7. SUPERHOT (PC) - 2 hours 18 minutes
Status: Beaten - 01/15/2017

Originally Posted by Minishdriveby

8. Flewn (iOS) - ~30 minutes
Status: Beaten - 2/24/2017

9. Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Wii U) - 26 hours 51 minutes
Status: Beaten - 2/24/2017

10. Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U) - 22 hours 03 minutes
Status: Beaten - 2/28/2017

11. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) - 48 hours 41 minutes
Status: Beaten - 4/9/2017

12. Device 6 (iOS)
Status: Beaten - 4/11/2017

13. Super Luigi Bros. U (Wii U) - 4 hours
Status: Beaten - 4/21/2017

14. Donkey Kong Country 64 (Wii U VC) - 17 hours 23 minutes
Status: Beaten - 4/28/2017

15. Snakebird (PC) - 11 hours 54 minutes
Status: Beaten - 5/7/2017

16. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U) - 38 hours 41 minutes
Status: Beaten - 5/19/2017
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Commentary in each update post



Game 1: Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3 replay) - 12 hours
Game 2: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4) - 4 hours
Game 3: Parasite Eve (PS1) - 10 hours
update 2
Game 4: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)- 39 hours
update 3
Game 5: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4) - 7 hours
Game 6: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - 6 hours
Game 7: Megaman 2 (NES) - 4 hours
update 4
Game 8: Resident Evil 7: biohazard (PS4) - 9 hours
update 5
Game 9: Bubble Bobble (NES) - 4 hours
Game 10: Streets of Rage 2 (PC replay) - 1 hour
update 6
Game 11: Nioh (PS4) - 50 hours
update 7
Game 12: Nier: Automata (PS4) - 30 hours
Game 13: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU) - 70 hours
update 8
Game 14: Yakuza 0 (PS4) - 50 hours
update 9
Game 15: Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (3DS replay) - 5 hours
Game 16: Kirby's Adventure (NES replay) - n/a
Game 17: Mark of the Ninja (PC replay) - 8 hours
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#1 Wolfenstein: The New Order ★★★★ PS4 - Jan 3rd - 10 hours
What a great game to start the year, great narrative and characters, fun dual wielding weapons and a decent length. Played on the 2nd hardest difficulty and didn't have too much trouble so one day I'd like to play it on the hardest mode

#2 Boom Blox ★★★ Wii - Jan 4th - 4 hours
I did all the explore levels and some of the adventures ones but didn't like those as much so I feel I got my fill after what I played. Some very creative and fun physics puzzles but sometimes the controls felt unresponsive and I got bored fairly quickly with adventure mode

#3 Devil May Cry 4 ★★★★ PS3 - Jan 5th - 7 hours
7 hours well spent with DMC4, in fact I enjoyed it so much I played it in 2 sittings. I think it falls below DMC3 because of the backtracking but it's my 2nd favourite, the combat is on another level. Now where's DMC5?

#4 Ratchet and Clank: Nexus ★★★.5 PS3 - Jan 7th - 6.30 hours
Short but good entry in the series, frame rate drops below 30 is disappointing coming off the 60fps games. Got all the collectables, might go back and play it on challenge mode one day and get the platinum.

#5 Mario Kart 7 ★★★★ 3DS - Jan 9th - 9 hours
All cups won but I'll still keep playing every now and then, great entry in the series, always had a preference for handheld Mario Kart

#6 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes ★★★★ Wii - Jan 10th - 12 hours
This one took a while to get through, doesn't quite live up to MP1 but still a great game, biggest problems were just the annoyances such as the dark world, the enemies taking a long time to kill and the ammo system. The backtracking wasn't as fun as the first game either, some areas were real slogs to get through. I'll be honest I used a walkthrough for many parts in 2nd half of the game to stop myself getting lost and annoyed and overall I enjoyed it that way. Don't want to sound like I didn't like it, I liked it a lot! Have to say as a GC game it looks better than a lot of Wii games too

#7 Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction ★★★.5 Xbox - Jan 12th - 6.30 hours
GTA clone with the chaos turned up to 11. I totally used cheats to make this one more fun and more managable, it gets seriously hard later on! Did the main missions without messing around in the map too much, blowing stuff up is fun but it gets old

#8 Star Fox Command ★★★ DS - Jan 13th - 2.30hrs
This game is fun once you get a hang on the controls but it only takes 90 mins to beat, there are mulitple endings but the mission structure is very repetitive so I stopped after my 2nd ending

#9 Gears of War 3 ★★★★ Xbox 360 - Jan 15th - 7 hours
Really enjoyed this one, appreciated the brighter colour pallet and locations and the combat feels tighter than before. Also it's a real looker for a 360 game.

#10 Gravity Rush Remastered ★★★★ PS4 - Jan 16th - 13 hours
Bought this after playing the sequels demo and liked it enough to get the platinum trophy!

#11 Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb ★★★ Xbox - Jan 17th - 6 hours
This game has some good ideas but is let down by the stiff controls and the framerate. The hand to hand combat is actually quite good, I like disarming people with the whip but towards the end of the game it gives you a load of ammo and encourages you just to shoot everyone. There is one tank boss right near the end of the game that is one of the most frustrating levels I've ever played

#12 Spyro Enter the Dragonfly ★★★ PS2 - Jan 18th - 4 hours
Again there is a fairly decent game hidden under the low framerate and glitches. The levels are massive but often feel empty and the difference breath powers are pretty much pointless as you use fire through 95% of the game. Obviously needed more time in the oven but it's as much a spyro game as year of the dragon which I don't care for that much.

#13 Dead Rising ★★★.5 Xbox 360 - Jan 23rd - 20 hours
Dead Rising took a while to get into, it has a really high learning curve when you first start but once you figure it out it's not too bad. The survivor AI seriously sucks and makes it a pain in the arse rescuing more than 1 person at a time. My first playthrough I focused on getting as many survivors as I could, then my 2nd I beat all the cases and overtime mode. It's an ambitious game for the time and I liked it but I don't wanna see another zombie for a while.

#14 Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of The Sith ★★.5 Xbox - Jan 24th - 3.30 hours
Incredibly average action game, less than 4 hours to beat and definitely not as good as I remember it 12 years ago lol. Gets slightly better towards the end when you get more powerful but still zzzz

#15 Lego The Lord of The Rings ★★★.5 PS3 - Jan 25th - 7 hours
Enjoyable yet a little simple, if I didn't love LOTR maybe I would have liked it less but worth a playthrough for fans, big game with loads of collectables. Having the OST means this also has the best music of any game.

#16 Ratchet: Gladiator ★★★★ PS2 - Jan 27th - 6.30 hours
For some reason I never played this game even being a big R&C fan, maybe because none of the other spin offs are that great but this is the real deal, shooting things in R&C games is always fun and wow forced vehicle sections that don't completely suck!

#17 Rayman 3D ★★★★ 3DS - Jan 27th - 6.30 hours
Based on the best version of Rayman 2 (Dreamcast) but can't quite handle it at a good framerate, it's still one of my favourite games of all time and as I'm able to play this one on the bus, I can look over the less than great performance.

#18 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 ★★★.5 PS3 - Jan 30th - 6.30 hours
It's alright

#19 Spider-Man ★★ Xbox - Jan 29th - 2.30 hours
It's shit

#20 Resident Evil ★★★.5 PS1 - Feb 1st - 5.30 Hours
Hard but enjoyable, can't say I liked the saving system or small inventory but I get why it's like that. I prefer Silent Hill on the PS1 but I'll try RE2 sometime

#21 Heavenly Sword ★★★.5 PS3 - Feb 3rd - 5.30 hours
Pretty good although they really should have prioritised a stable framerate over graphics..I never beat this when I played it like 9 years ago because the final boss was too hard, well it's still hard but I got it eventually. Nice seeing Andy Serkis in a game.

#22 Far Cry 2 ★★★★ PC - Feb 8th - 10 hours
Love this game despite the flaws, though its certainly not one you can replay often

#23 Dante's Inferno ★★★.5 Xbox 360 Feb 8th - 6 hours
I can't believe Sony let a God of War game on the Xbox 360! Pretty good aside from the zero innovation and slightly shallow combat.

#24 Assassin's Creed Revelations ★★★ PS3 - Feb 12th - 7.30 hours
I liked the dungeon bits and the Altair levels, everything else was whatever

#25 Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex ★★★ Xbox - Feb 14th - 4 hours
Same reason why I'm not a big fan of Crash 3, too many vehicle levels and gimmicks. The hit detection sucks as do the bosses. The few normal platforming levels are decent but look empty. Game looks quite good on the Xbox

#26 Haze ★★.5 PS3 - Feb 17th - 5 hours
I'm trying to think of some memorable moments from Haze but my memory is a little.....foggy.
Has some parts that are genuinely fun, then long stretches devoid of any fun at all.

#27 God of War ★★★★★ PS3 - Feb 20th - 5 hours
One of my favourite games of all time, I know it like the back of my hand

#28 Spec Ops: The Line ★★★.5 PS3 - Feb 25th - 6 hours
Competent shooter with a good story, it does fall short of greatness due to lack of originality in the gameplay but it's worth checking out

#29 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD ★★★★ Wii U - March 1st - 14 hours
Wanted to give this another playthrough before BOTW, was rushing through the main quest at first before I realised all the side stuff you have to do to beat the game anyway!

#30 Crysis 2 ★★★ Xbox 360 - March 3rd - 6 hours
Killed a few hours, and a few brain cells. Not as good as the first one but the aliens fights are better at least. Just pretty boring whenever you're not shooting something.

#31 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ★★★★★ Wii U - March 17th - 62 hours
Finally another update. Whew what a game, it's been a long time since a game made me play nothing but it for a whole 2 weeks. It's quicker to mention the few things I didn't like such as the rain being annoying, poor framerate and the map being sliiightly too big with a lot of big areas with hardly anything there, other than that, loved it

#32 The Evil Within ★★★.5 PS4 - March 20th - 9 hours
Was pretty unimpressed with the first few hours but it picked up and I enjoyed it overall

#33 Spongebob Squarepants - Battle for Bikini Bottom ★★★.5 Xbox - March 25th - 6 hours
Decent Mario 64 clone, looks and plays very well, nearly all the real voice actors apart from Mr Krabs who sounds fucking terrible lol

#34 Half-Life ★★★★ PC - March 2th - 5 hours
Still as good as ever, still don't like Xen and still have trouble going down ladders

#35 Onimusha 3 ★★★★ PS2 - March 30th - 7 hours
This game has Jean Reno, that's all. All 3 of these games were excellent, the series needs to make a comeback.

#36 Halo: Reach ★★★.5 Xbox 360 - March 30th - 5 hours
It was decent, if you've played any of the others you've pretty much played this. The Halo games don't do that much for me but they are more fun in co-op

#37 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ★★★.5 Xbox 360 - April 3rd - 16 hours
I liked the story n all that but the combat didn't click for me at all. Encountered a few bugs which made me revert to older saves

#38 Splinter Cell Conviction ★★★★ Xbox 360 - April 4th - 4.30 hours
This was really fun, doesn't compare to the old Splinter Cell games stealth wise but as its own thing I had a blast. It's too short and easy on Normal difficulty though

#39 Shadow Complex Remastered ★★★★ PS4 - April 8th - 5 hours
Very good Metroidvania, ended a bit abruptbly as I beat the final boss while I was still looking for key parts without realising it was the final boss lol. I thought I needed those key parts to beat the game!

#40 New Super Mario Bros ★★★.5 DS - April 20th - 4.30 hours
Bah Bah

#41 Final Fantasy XV ★★★.5 PS4 - April 20th - 28.30 hours
So close to giving this a higher score but the 2nd half of the game was a bit of a turd, I liked the open world stuff a lot even if I did get a bit burnt out by doing so many sidequests. The story is wack but I liked the 4 characters and the combat was the main thing that kept me going.

#42 Bioshock Infinite ★★★ PS3 - April 24th - 7 hours
It was okay, the combat encounters felt like a step down from the other games with big wide areas that encourage you to snipe from a distance. Elizabeth aside from giving you ammo might as well not exist, which she doesn't according to the enemies who ignore her completely. Skyhooks were cool.

#43 Dark Souls III ★★★★ PS4 - April 28th - 20 hours
Excellent as you except from Dark Souls but definitley shorter than I expected, did all the optional bosses and never had much trouble aside from the NK. Maybe the pacing was a bit off as it didn't seem to have a clear mid point like the others.

#44 X-Men Origins: Wolverine ★★★.5 - Xbox 360 - May 4th - 7 hours
One of the good movie based games of last gen, doesn't hold back with the violence. Tearing guys to shreds is fun but the pacing is a little off in the middle and it outstays its welcome slightly.

#45 Sly Cooper HD ★★★.5 - PS3 - May 4th - 4 hours
Loved the presentation and the style, didn't love the dodgy hit dectection or the minigames. If you don't go for 100% you can beat it in one sitting too. Did enough for me to check out the sequel though.

#46 Catherine ★★★.5 PS3 - May 12th - 12 hours
Interesting game with a pretty enjoyable story (that goes a bit batshit in the final act) I'm pretty rubbish at the puzzles so I played on Easy but I do like the gameplay. I had a bit of a Tetris Effect where I saw Catherine-like puzzles in a real dream I had, not unlike the plot :S

#47 Nier ★★★ Xbox 360 - May 12th - 16 hours
This...is a weird one. On my first playthrough I sort of enjoyed it, the characters were fairly good and I was interested to see where it was going but the gameplay was meh. I knew that you were supposed to play it twice to get the whole experience but during the 2nd playthrough I was getting sick of the boring gameplay and just rushed through, the new added scenes were interesting but I honestly expected the game to change more in the 2nd playthrough the way people talked about it. I ended up watching endings 3 and 4 on YouTube. The story got very melodramatic too. I liked the soundtrack.

#48 The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning ★★★ PS2 - May 18th - 5 hours
I remember really wanting this game when it came out, didn't really miss much. Presentation is quite good, having Elijah Woods and Gary Oldman is pretty cool but the game is repetitive as fuck, just spamming the same moves over and over.

#49 Rune ★★★★ PC - May 18th - 5 hours
Aw yea this game is cool. I had it on PS2 years ago but I think that version was a bit shitty. PC version seems much better. The game is atmospheric as fuck, you chop heads off like there's no tomorrow and you can eat lizards. Nuff said
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(12-31-2016, 06:32 PM)
SephiZack's Avatar
This is my first time trying this, hope I can do it
The rating is a rough measure of how much I have enjoyed the game.

I wish that PS4 had a way to track hours played. For games where I can't find the playtime or where it doesn't show the playtime of all my playthroughs, I will give a rough estimate (e.g. c.20h). I won't list games that I have started before 2017 unless a significant amount of playtime was after 2017

Games Completed: 8/52

1. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4, Playtime: 59h 38m) Platinum obtained Rating: 4/5

2. √Letter (PS4, Playtime: c.10h) Platinum obtained Rating: 4/5

3. Telltales' Batman (PS4, Playtime: c.10h) Platinum obtained Rating: 2/5

4. Day of the Tentacle Remastered (PS4, Playtime: c.5h) Platinum obtained Rating: 3/5

5. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PS4, Playtime: 46h 39m) Platinum obtained Rating: 5/5

6. The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PS4, Playtime: 4h 56m) Platinum obtained Rating: 2/5

7. AdVenture Capitalist(PS4, Playtime: c. 8h) 100% Trophies Rating: 3/5

8. Sword Art Online: The Lost Song (PS4, Playtime: 20-21h) Platinum obtained Rating: 4/5

First summary with impressions
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(12-31-2016, 06:34 PM)
Anno's Avatar
Sure, why not. Maybe this'll get me to focus on finishing more games this year.
(12-31-2016, 06:34 PM)
rybrad's Avatar
Let's do this. Hoping to finish this for the 4th year in a row but planning on a little WoW this year so it could be tough!

1: Xanadu Next - 18 hours, completed JAN 1
Picked this up based on a recommendation and I really enjoyed. The gameplay was a little hard to get used to at first but it has that unique Japanese style to it that really made the game for me. I would love a modern version of this style of game.

2: Super Mario Run - 5 hours, completed JAN 5
I don't know why I thought I would like this as I usually hate playing games on my phone. I played the all the levels and then half-heartedly went for some coins and got bored after the pinks.

3: Diablo III - 15 hours, completed JAN 8
Did the Diablo I anniversary event and season leveling. The anniversary event was neat but a little too much grinding to get all the unique mobs made it a little less fun.

4: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - 40 hours, completed JAN 21
I won't really be "done" with this game as I play it all year but I have finished all the expansion content. Some of the shit like greedier mode were total shit but looking forward to the cool mods that people make.

5: World of Warcraft - 30 hours, completed JAN 22
Finished the base game, onto the Burning Crusade. The old world revamp wasn't as interesting as I hoped but better than nothing.

6: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - 20 hours, completed JAN 25
Whew, that was a slog. After having done this content so many times it felt like a chore more than anything.

7: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King - 15 hours, completed JAN 28
Just as cool of an expansion as I remembered. Definitely coming back here after leveling to revisit some old raids.

8: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - 10 hours, completed JAN 31
I found the Cataclysm stuff to be a little underwhelming. It was probably a lot more epic at the time but I wasn't a big fan of any of the zones. Going to come check out the raid stuff eventually though to see good ol' Ragnaros.

9: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - 10 hours, completed FEB 2
The last of the old zones I had seen several years ago. Really interesting playing through all the expansions in order and seeing what an upgrade Pandaria is. Looking forward to Draenor.

10: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - 15 hours, completed FEB 6
From what I hear, this was a pretty boring expansion when it was new but experiencing it in short bursts I found it to be quite fun.

11: Watch Dogs 2 - 20 hours, completed FEB 11
Man, I am conflicted about this game. I really like the characters, setting and tone (despite some of the over the top cheese) but the gameplay felt like a chore. I think if the mission checkpoints were better I might not feel as negatively about the gameplay; replaying 20 minute missions because you die while escaping sucks ass.

12: World of Warcraft: Legion - 40 hours, completed FEB 20
Really enjoyed this expansion so far and looking forward to getting into some mythic content.

13: 8-Bit Bayonetta - 1 hour, completed APR 1
Look, this was a short promo game but my arm is killing me from getting all the achievements so it is going on the list damn it.

14: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 70+ hours, completed APR 16
While I still have many more hours I plan on playing, I am calling this one done as Ganon is dead. I found this one to be a slow start that I wasn't sure if I was actually enjoying. After I got into the groove of things I absolutely fell in love with the game. It sets the bar for what open world games should feel like and I hope more developers give players the kind of freedom seen here.

15: Mass Effect Andromeda - 41 hours, completed APR 20
What a massive soulless, disappointment of a game. I think I am done with Bioware as they just keep putting out worse games.

16: Horizon: Zero Dawn - 52 hours, completed MAY 7
What a fucking amazing game, I loved pretty much everything about it. Really looking forward to potential DLC but thought the post-credit thing was kind of dumb.

17: Cosmic Star Heroine - 14.5 hours, completed MAY 14
Great RPG with a nice length to get in over the weekend. Really loved the battle system but it felt like there were a couple too many characters so I made a party and stuck with it through most of the game.

[B]18: Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel - 4 hours, completed MAY 22/B]
Really short DLC but fun for the most part. It might be because I am doing this content for the first time on a higher NG+ but FROM's DS3 obsession with multiple phase, damage sponge, healthbar refilling bosses is getting really old.

19: Dark Souls III: The Ringed City - 7 hours, completed MAY 26
This was a MUCH better DLC (except stupid fucking Midir constantly jumping away) and was really fun to explore. All in all, I think I am ready for a Dark Souls break and am glad this was the end rather than Ashes. I'll have to go watch some lore videos or something though as I had no idea what the fuck was going on as per usual.
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(12-31-2016, 06:35 PM)
Don.Abbade's Avatar
GAME 1. For Honor
GAME 3. Ratchet and Clank
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(12-31-2016, 06:35 PM)
Nakazato's Avatar
If I get through 25 I will feel accomplished
(12-31-2016, 06:36 PM)
Skikkiks's Avatar
Claiming this planet in the nam of gam

Game 1: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (Vita) | 67 Hours | 01/14/2017 | 4.5/5
Game 2: VVVVVV (Vita) | 3 Hours | 01/22/2017 | 4/5
Game 3: Owlboy (PC) | 8 Hours | 01/23/2016 | 4/5
Game 4: Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) | ~40 Hours | 02/01/2017 | 4.5/5
Game 5: Refunct (PC) | 25 Minutes | 02/06/2017 | 3/5
Game 6: Fire Emblem: Heroes (Android) | 10+ Hours | 02/09/2017 | 3/5
Game 7: Yakuza 0 (PS4) | 30 Hours | 02/16/2017 | 4/5
Game 8: Horizon Zero Dawn | 46 Hours | 03/08/2017 | 5/5
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(12-31-2016, 06:36 PM)
TheDarkKnight774's Avatar
Got over 52 games for the first time in 2016. Doubt I'll repeat but it's worth a try
(12-31-2016, 06:36 PM)
silkysmooth's Avatar
January Report

1. Dragon Quest 1
2. Mario Party Star Rush
3. Dragon Quest 3
4. Super Mario Kart
5. Kirby's Dream Land
6. Kirby's Dream Land 2
7. Final Fantasy 1
8. Super Mario Land
9. Super Mario Bros. DX (Super Mario Bros)
10. Gauntlet: Slayer Edition
11. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

February Report

12. Dragon Quest 3
13. Injustice: Gods Among Us
14. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
15. Pokemon FireRed
16. Super Mario Advance
17. Fire Emblem Heroes
18. The Wolf Among Us
19. Pokemon Moon

March Report

20. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3
21. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
22. Mortal Kombat XL
23. River City Tokyo Rumble
24. Batman: The Telltale Series
25. Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land
26. Super Mario Bros Deluxe (The Lost Levels)
27. Wario Land 2
28. Kirby Super Star Ultra
29. Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World
30. Mega Man 6
31. Batman: Arkham Asylum
32. Power Stone
33. Power Stone 2
34. Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land
35. Pokemon Snap
36. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
37. God of War

April Report

38. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
39. Kirby Fighters Deluxe
41. God of War 2
42. God of War Chains of Olympus
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(12-31-2016, 06:37 PM)
Rolodzeo's Avatar
I'll try this year. Claiming!

Currently playing:


Completed 23/52:

1 - Assassin's Creed (PC/Steam) (3/1/17) (9:02hrs according to Raptr) 3/10, I didn't like the game at all. Boring, repetitive, awful combat, terrible ending.

2 - Resident Evil Revelations (PC/Steam) (13/1/17) (Roughly 8 hours) 6/10, fun game but awful story, characters and writing. I'll try raid mode later, as I heard it's great.

3 - Limbo (PC/Steam) (15/1/17) (Roughly 3 hours) 9/10, creepy game, it frightened me more than Resident Evil Revelations, and the puzzles, albeit tough, were fun and rewarding.

4 - The LEGO Movie Videogame (PC/Steam) (20/1/17) (10:17hrs according to Raptr) 7/10, really great game held back by lots of game breaking bugs. Shame.

5 - Star Wars Starfighter (PC/gog) (22/1/17) (No idea, the gog client didn't track the time, nor Raptr. I assume around 5 hrs?) 2/10, it was a dull, generic and terrible written 5/10 game before the insane difficulty spike in the last mission, which made me repeat it several times until I gave up and lowered the difficulty. Then, after 3-4 tries I was able to complete the game. Not fun at all.

6 - Shadowgate (PC/Steam) (26/1/17) (5:23hrs according to Raptr) 8/10, great game, loved the setting of the living castle and the puzzles were fun. The ingame hint system is quite good and I was able to finish the game without too much trouble. Story wise is a little bit strange but it was interesting and felt really unique.

7 - Agent Walker: Secret Journey (PC/Steam) (13/02/17) (5:20 according to Steam) 6/10, I played it with my girlfriend, it was a nice little HOG, but nothing really remarkable.

8 - Hitman GO (Mobile/Windows Phone) (20/02/17) (No idea, but many hours here and there) 8/10, I completed the game with all its achievements, playing it on and off for quite some time. It's a great title if you like puzzle games, and it has some hard objetives to keep you playing. I recommend it.

9 - Pool Nation (PC/Steam) (01/03/17) (9:33 according to Raptr) 7/10, nice arcade game to pass time and enjoy the lucky shots you get here and there.

10 - Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond (PC/Steam) (08/03/17) (roughly 4 hours) 5/10, another HOG I played with my gf, it was a bit repetitive.

11 - OlliOlli (PC/Steam) (11/03/17) (roughly 2 hours) 7/10, fun little game, it reminded me of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the GBA. Only completed the normal levels, some of them with 5 stars, but I don't really feel compelled enough to play the pro challenges. Nice indie game though.

12 - Ittle Dew (PC/Steam) (17/03/17) (7:24 hours according to Raptr) 8/10, amazing (l)ittle game with great 2D graphics and music. Short but fun, though later levels can get really hard if you try to get all the cards and extra health.

13 - Sonic the Hedgehog (PC/Steam) (21/03/17) (? hours since it's really hard to track time for this game. It took me two play sessions anyway, perhaps a couple of hours max) 4/10, didn't like the platforming of the game at all. I used savestates all the time since I found this game incredibly hard and full of cheap deaths. I don't think I'll be replaying this game anytime soon.

14 - Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe (PC/Steam) (21/03/17) (5 hours) 3/10, another HOG that I played with my gf. Definitely a bad game, very misleading since I thought it was set in space and the title ended being a cliche fantasy medieval HOG like many others. Low production value too, it even used a sample of Darth Vader breathing to simulate a gas mask!

15 - Fallout Shelter (PC/Windows Store) (28/03/17) (roughly 60 hours) 5/10, I consider it finished since I got today the 100 missions achievement and because, frankly, I got bored of it. The main flaw of the game is that is extremely repetitive and the missions are quite boring. Once you max out your vault and your characters, there's little else to do except for the missions and trying to collect all the rare items that you miss, but those tasks are so dull and repetitve that I simply don't want to do it. That being said, it's free and it have lots of references to the other titles in the series, so if you enjoy the Fallout universe (like I do), give it a try, but don't be surprised if you get bored of the game after a few days.

16 - Yosumin (PC/Steam) (05/04/17) (roughly 6 hours) 6/10, fun little puzzle game, a bit hard in the final levels of the adventure mode, but really addictive. I really liked how cheerful the game is :)

17 - Tomb Raider Underworld (PC/Steam) (07/04/17) (roughly 10 hours) 4/10, worst game in the saga by far in my opinion.Terrible camera and *awful* story. Definitely not worth it.

18 - Dark Arcana: The Carnival (PC/Steam) (12/04/17) (roughly 3 hours) 7/10, another HOG beaten with my gf, really nice setting and it had a great character. Fun game.

19 - Lara Croft GO (PC/Windows Store) (30/04/17) (? hours, none of my tracking apps registered it :/) 9/10, AMAZING game, albeit quite short. Really nice atmosphere, puzzles and game mechanics. Nice extras too. Play it now if you haven't already.

20 - Circuits (PC/Steam) (01/05/17) (around 5 hours) 6/10, interesting concept for a game: a musical puzzle. I liked the early levels more than the final ones, but it was ok.

21 - Hearthstone (PC/Blizzard) (07/05/17) (too many hours) 9/10, I have to list this title as it might be the only reason I don't have much time to play any other games :/

22 - Gear Grinder / Sledgehammer (PC/Steam) (18/05/17) (around 3hrs according to the game) 6/10, nice over the top game, a bit short and repetitive but fun overall. Bonus: you can paint your truck like Optimus Prime!

23 - Reigns (PC/Steam) (22/05/17) (2-3 hrs) 8/10, very fun game with a clever gameplay. A bit repetitive but I really recommend it.
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(12-31-2016, 06:37 PM)
NMFried's Avatar
Currently Playing:
Thumper (Switch)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (PC/Steam)

Completed (19/52):

1. Final Fantasy XV (PS4) - Jan. 2 ★★★★★

2. Super Mario Run (iOS) - Jan. 3 ★★★

3. Inside (PS4) - Jan. 5 ★★★★

4. Hatoful Boyfriend (PC/Steam) - Jan. 5 ★

5. Flow (PS4) - Jan. 23 ★★

6. Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS) - Feb. 4 ★★★

7. Batman: A Telltale Games Series (PS4) - March 2 ★★★

8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) - March 22 ★★★★★

9. Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4) - March 30 ★★★★

10. Flower (PS4) - March 31 ★★★

11. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4) - April 13 ★★★

12. Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4) - April 15 ★★★★

13. PaRappa The Rapper 2 (PS2/PS4) - April 20 ★★

14. Guardians Of The Galaxy - Episode 1 (PS4) - April 22 ★★★

15. Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality (Vive) - April 29 ★★★★

16. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) - May 11 ★★★★★

17. Puyo Puyo Tetris (Switch) - May 13 ★★★★

18. Injustice 2 (PS4) - May 18 ★★★★

19. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Switch) - May 20 ★★★

Up Next/Backlog:
Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
Yooka-Laylee (PS4)
Prey (PS4)
Mr. Shifty (Switch)
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Junior Member
(12-31-2016, 06:37 PM)
SupremeLoser's Avatar
Progress: 7/52

Currently Playing:
Forza Horizon 3
Yakuza 0
Hitman: Season One

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare- Jan 6th
- approximately 7 hours to finish
Dead Rising 4- Jan 7th
- approximately 8 hours to finish
Milkmaid of the Milky Way- Jan 8th
- approximately 3 hours to finish
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided- Jan 9th
- approximately 15 hours to finish
Wolfenstein: The New Order- Jan 10th
- approximately 8 hours to finish
Dishonored: Definitive Edition- Jan 20th
- approximately 12 hours to finish
The Order: 1886- Jan 28th
- approximately 5 hours to finish
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(12-31-2016, 06:38 PM)
SunDimension24's Avatar
It was me, sundimension24!

This will be the first time im doing this, I really need to clear my backlog in 2017.
Dot Hacked
(12-31-2016, 06:39 PM)
Lindsay's Avatar
Such a lack of confidence from peeps already! C'mon!

If I was stupid enough ta beat 51 (soon 52 just wait, years not up yet!) JRPGs in 2016 then ya all shouldn't yet be throwing in the towel on page 1! Its perfectly doable!
(12-31-2016, 06:40 PM)
The_Inquisitor's Avatar
I actually met the challenge last year! Now that I don't have class this will probably be easier.

Games Completed 17/52

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
2. Mafia III (PS4)
3. Firewatch (PS4)
4. Abzu (PS4)
5. Gunjack (PSVR)
6. Viriginia (PS4)
7. Final Fantasy XV (PS4)
8. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (PS4)
9. Telltale Batman: Episode 1 (PS4)
10. Gravity Rush: Remastered (PS4)
11. Telltale Batman: Episode 2 (PS4)
12. Telltale Batman : Episode 3 (PS4)
13. Telltale Batman : Episode 4 (PS4)
14. Telltale Batman : Episode 5 (PS4)
15. Headmaster (PS4)
16. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS4)
17. Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (3DS)
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(12-31-2016, 06:42 PM)
Stoze's Avatar
Claiming this post. I somehow managed to play/beat over 100 games last year, I regret not going in the challenge thread and posting my thoughts on stuff. While I'll have significantly less free time in 2017, 52 should be doable as long as Hitman doesn't take up a ridiculous amount of my time.

1: Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC, GZDoom) / 1.7.17 / 5.5 hours / All 32 maps
2: Deadbolt (PC) / 1.9.17 / 7.5 hours / 1.5 playthroughs
3: Doom64 EX (PC) / 1.11.17 / 6.5 hours / All 32 maps
4: N++ (PC) / 1.13.17 / 24.5 hours / All main solo episodes (Intro, N++ & Legacy episodes rows A-E & X-19)
5: Event[0] (PC) / 1.16.17 / 4 hours / All endings, all logs
6: Pony Island (PC) / 1.17.17 / 4 hours / All achievements
7: Ziggurat (PC) / 1.17.17 / 8.5 hours / Beaten on all difficulties
8: OneShot (PC) / 1.18.17 / 7.5 hours / 2 Playthroughs, all achievements
9: Blade of Agony (PC , GZDoom) / 1.20.17 / 4.5 hours / Most secrets + extra level
10: Styx: Master of Shadows (PC) / 1.27.17 / 24 hours / 1.5 playthroughs on Hard, no alerts
11: SWAT 4 (PC) / 1.30.17 / 10 hours / 1.5 playthroughs, Normal & Hard
12: Power Hover (PC) / 1.30.17 / 2 hours / Everything powered
13: Sine Mora (PC) / 1.31.17 / <2 hours / Normal
14: Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) / 2.5.17 / 10 hours / Co-op, All levels in worlds 1 - fire flower
15: Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (Wii U) / 2.8.17 / 12.5 hours / 2 playthroughs, 100% completion, all challenges
16: Pikmin (GCN , Dolphin) / 2.11.17 / 8 hours / All ship parts
17: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS) / 2.19.17 / 4 hours / All levels in normal worlds
18: Dr. Luigi (Wii U) / 2.19.17 / 5.5 hours / Cleared on every mode (levels 0-20)
19: CELESTE Classic (PC) / 2.22.17 / .5 hours / 17/18 fruit
20: Hollow Knight (PC) / 2.28.17 / 40 hours / 100%, full journal completion
21: Captain Toad (Wii U) / 3.1.17 / 10.5 hours / Episodes 1-3 crowned, SM3DW bonus levels
22: Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition (PC) / 3.8.17 / 10 hours / 100%
23: Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) / 4.4.17 / 58 hours / 100%
24: Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment (PC) / 4.7.17 / 9.5 hours / 2 playthroughs, 100%, all challenges, climbed tower
25: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope (PC) / 4.11.17 / 6 hours / 100%, all challenges
26: Sonic the Hedgehog (PC, SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics) / 4.12.17 / 3 hours / All chaos emeralds
27: Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PC) / 4.18.17 / 10.5 hours / 100%
28: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (PC) / 4.18.17 / 3 hours
29: Yooka-Laylee (PC) / 4.21.17 / 20 hours / All collectibles and achievements
30: Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den Remastered (PC) / 4.23.17 / 6 hours / Hard, all achievements
31: GRID (PC) / 4.27.17 / 22 hours / 1st place in all events, Serious/Savage
32: Prey (PC) / 5.11.17 / 35 hours / All NPCs found, all sidequests, Hard/Nightmare
33: Half-Life (PC) / 5.18.17 / 9 hours / Hard
34: Bioshock Infinite (PC) / 5.21.17 / 13 hours / Hard
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(12-31-2016, 06:42 PM)
Duxxy3's Avatar
Not expecting to do as many as 2015 or 2016, but reserved anyhow.

Game 1: Gears of War 4 - XB1 - Completed 1/2/17
And away we go. If you've seen my 2016 list, this game should come as no surprise.

Game 2: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 1/29/17
Definitely slower going this year. Wanted to do only new games, but that didn't happen. Don't have the money or interest in other games. I'll just stick to what I enjoy playing.

Game 3: World of Warcraft Legion - PC - Completed 1/29/17
Hit 110 on a Demon Hunter and Priest. That's good enough for me to add to the list. WoW will probably show up again.

Game 4: Resident Evil 7 - PC - Completed 2/9/17
Truly excellent game, but I don't consider it a true Resident Evil game.

Game 5: Gears of War 2 - XB1 - Completed 2/19/17
Comfort food-game.

Game 6: Doom - PC - Completed 2/26/17
Second time through. First was on XB1. Wow, this version looks and plays incredible. Right at the end of the game I switched from a controller to keyboard and mouse. Completely different experience.

Game 7: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC - Completed 2/26/17
I think I know what's wrong with my arm. It's the Ulnar nerve in my elbow. Not carpal tunnel like I thought. Finished another game with KB/M. As long as I stay away from the chair arm, it shouldn't be so bad. Hopefully this post reminds me to look into more permanent options.

Game 8: World of Warcraft Legion - PC - Completed 2/27/17
Got my first legendary!

Game 9: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - PC - Completed 3/5/17
Like good junk food.

Game 10: World of Warcraft Legion - PC - Completed 3/17/17
Finished the artifact weapon grind.

Game 11: Grand Theft Auto 5 - PC - Completed 3/18/17
Such a gorgeous game on PC. Some of the later missions were much much easier with a keyboard and mouse.

Game 12: Gears of War 3 - XB1 - Completed 3/19/17
Been chipping away at this for a month.

Game 13: World of Warcraft Legion - PC - Completed 3/19/17
Broken Isles Pathfinder (essentially means I've completed all of the story quests in this part of the game).

Game 14: Gears of War 4 - PC - Completed 4/8/17
Slowing down a bit lately. Not a lot of new games that I'm interested in on PC/XB1. I've been working on Wolfenstein and Singularity as well. Should be done those this month.

Game 15: Gears of War Judgment - XB1 - Completed 4/30/17
Only 2 games in a month and they were both replays. Man, I am slipping.

Game 16: Gears of War Aftermath - XB1 - Completed 5/1/17

Game 17: Resident Evil 7 - PC - Completed 5/14/17
Tried to get the circular saw, but I missed the 4 hour mark. I guess I'll have to try again some other time.

Game 18: Bayonetta - PC - Completed 5/21/17
Excellent port.

Game 19: Gears of War Ultimate Edition - XB1 - Completed 5/25/17
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(12-31-2016, 06:43 PM)
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It's 2017. Time for round 3!



2015: 111 games completed
2016: 73 games completed
2017: 15 of 52 games completed as of 5/20/17

1) Higurashi: When They Cry Episode 1
Platform: PC
Finished 1/1/17 (started in 2016) - 8 hours
An incredibly unnerving visual novel that had me going "Oh shit!" to myself several times. I had no prior experience with the series, and went in blind on a friend's rec... will keep playing subsequent chapters.

2) Letter Quest: Remastered
Platform: PSV
Finished 1/1/17 (started in 2016)
While I enjoyed my time with this inoffensive typing game, there was just too much randomness involved to keep me interested long term. I beat all the maps, got most of the trophies for fun (that didnt involve acing everything), then dropped it like a rock.

3) Actual Sunlight
Platform: PSV (100% trophies complete)
Finished 1/1/17 - Around 1 hr
A very enjoyable short adventure game in the vein of A Bird's Story (RPG Maker visuals, gameplay with not too many actual choices), except its as verbose as Bird Story was minimalist. Essentially a bunch of well written, strung together essays on life, tied together in an indie game shell.

4) Love
Platform: PC
Finished 1/1/17 - around 1hr 30min
Gaffer made! A well executed indie platformer, if a little short. Great soundtrack, charming lo-fi graphics and tight controls. Cheap, too! (Note: Got this game for free thanks to the developer's generous code giveaway in the SteamGAF holiday sale thread.)

5) Abzu
Platform: PC
Finished 1/1/17 - 1.9 hours as per Steam
I had high hopes for this, but despite the presence of both Matt Nava (former art director from thatgamecompany) and Austin Wintory, Abzu just lacks that special something. I don't know what it is - is it because the gameplay lacks the elegant simplicity of TGC's titles? Is it because there's a little too much repetition? It's like they copied the core concepts of Flower, but failed to capture the essence of why that game was so awesome.

The game does look and sound incredible, though, and the trademark "empowerment" sequence (you know, the usual life-affirming climax of TGC games towards the end) ultimately made this worth the money, at the discounted price.

6) Firewatch
Platform: PC
Finished 1/2/17 - 5.6 hours as per Steam
Firewatch frigging kicked ass! I was having serious reservations about going to buy it because people were reporting you could beat the game in less than 2 hours... I have nothing against short games, but I do have a problem with how much it costs for that length. Finally bit the bullet this Winter Sale, and... damn. Atmospheric, fantastic writing, and some of the prettiest art direction I've ever seen. And the length was pretty solid as well, took me around 5 hours (taking my time). There's also an optional directors commentary mode I plan to revisit some time in the future. Too bad for Abzu, playing it back to back with Firewatch just made it look even worse in comparison. This is how it's done, fellas.

7) Poi
Platform: PC - 100% achievements complete, Early Access
Finished 1/8/17 - 5.2 hrs as per Steam
The first Early Access game I ever beat - the game's quality absolutely needed to be rewarded with some effort. Can quickly be summarized as a slavishly devoted homage to Mario 64 (and I do mean slavish - there's a penguin slide!), except not as good in any way. However, it does do all of the necessary things right - imaginative level design, pinpoint control, excellent "feel" - something that the execrable FreezeMe never had. The dev is launching the full version next month according to the store page, hope they give a nice discount so more people can get in on this.

8) Press X To Not Die
Platform: PC
Finished 2/11/17 - 28 minutes as per Steam
FMV game in the old Sega CD style - hilariously low budget, was good for a bunch of laughs. Thankfully it was cheap when I got it several Steam sales ago... got my jollies then deleted it immediately after.

9) Arslan: The Warriors of Legend
Platform: PC
Finished 2/12/17 - 8.9 hours as per Steam
Bought it during the Tecmo pub weekend, and got so hooked on it that i polished the entire thing off in two sittings (over the past few days). I've never seen the show or read the manga/novel, and this game has me very interested to give both a try. Although obviously a Cliff's Notes version of the plot, it lets you know enough to keep you motivated. Also, ran at a stable 60FPS with no hitches, surprising for a KT title.

10) Super Bomberman R
Platform: Switch
Finished 3/15/17 - Around 4 hours

11) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Platform: Switch
Finished 4/2/17 - Around 65 hours

12) Lego City Undercover
Platform: Switch
Finished 4/15/17 - "Over 15 hours"

13) ACA NeoGeo: Rising Star
Platform: Switch
Finished 5/4/17 - Around 30 minutes

13) Streets of Rage 2 3D
Platform: 3DS
Finished 5/20/17 - 1 hour 52 minutes

13) Kamiko
Platform: Switch
Finished 5/20/17 - Around 1 hour 30 minutes (1.5pt)

In Progress:

Mirror's Edge Catalyst (Origin) - 8 hours so far
Shantae: Risky's Revenge (Steam) - 2 hours so far
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (Steam) - 12 hours so far
Tales of Berseria (Steam) - 12 hours so far
Yakuza 0 (PS4) - 4 hours so far
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(12-31-2016, 06:44 PM)
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I started 2 games a day or so ago and i expect to finish them in the next few days
These 2 still count towards this thread or not?
Junior Member
(12-31-2016, 06:44 PM)
With Switch releasing in March I will be playing a lot more games this year so will reserve in preparation.
Dot Hacked
(12-31-2016, 06:45 PM)
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Originally Posted by Tizoc

I started 2 games a day or so ago and i expect to finish them in the next few days
These 2 still count towards this thread or not?

It dun matter what year ya started 'em, just the year ya finished 'em in!
Junior Member
(12-31-2016, 06:46 PM)
this is me

1. [PS4] Minecraft Story Mode 1/7
2. [PS4] Life Is Strange 1/11
3. [PS4] Ether One 1/12
4. [PC] Portal 1/19
5. [PS4] The Last of Us 1/27
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(12-31-2016, 06:47 PM)
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Yay!!! (91 games/episdoes/dlc in 2016)

Game 1: Marvel Puzzle Quest (iOS) - 1/7
Game 2: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episode 1: Ties That Bind (Part I) (PC) - 1/14
Game 2a: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episode 2: Ties That Bind (Part II) (PC) - 1/14
Game 3:

backlog for 2017: The Witcher 3. System Shock 2. Skyrim. Watch Dogs 2. Last Guardian. Dead Rising 3. Clannad.
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The Lone Courier
(12-31-2016, 06:47 PM)
Game 1

Started: February 10
Finished: February 12
Play Time: 4 hours

Game 2

Started: October 14 2016
Finshed: February 24
Play Time: 24 hours

Game 3

Started: November 15 2016
Finished: February 26
Play Time: 21 hours
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(12-31-2016, 06:48 PM)
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My body is ready for 2017 completions.

1) Jan 01 Titanfall 2
2) Feb 11 Battlefield 1
3) Feb 19 Mad Max
4) Feb 27 Just Cause 3
5) Mar 07 Horizon: Zero Dawn.
6) Mar 16 Nier: Automata.
7) Apr 1 Mass Effect: Andromeda
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(12-31-2016, 06:49 PM)
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1: Titanfall 2 (PS4) – 8.5/10 – 8 hours in Single Player / 3 hours in Multiplayer
Beaten. Liked it a lot, might come back for trophies. MP is okay.

2: Batman Arkham Asylum Remastered (PS4) – 9/10 – 8 hours
Beaten. Never finished on PS3, best Batman game after Arkham City.

3: Duke Nukem 3D (PS4) – 8/10 – 5 hours
Platinum. Cool, never experienced these old FPS games.

4: Eve Valkyrie (PSVR) – 5/10 – 2 hours
Beaten? It’s kind of hard to tell since is MP heavy, did not like it.

5: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)– 8.5/10 – 25 hours
Done. Played all maps, all DLCs, tried to get all trophies and played VR mission which was great. Great overall package.

6: Assassin’s Creed II Remastered (PS4) – 8.5/10 – 12 hours
Platinum. Still my one of my favorite AC games. Was nice to replay this after so many years.

7: Resident Evil 7 (PS4) – 9/10 – 8 hours
Beaten. Loved it, a well-done change and return to the old RE formula.

8: Hitman Season 1 (PS4) – 8/10 – 8 hours
Beaten. Enjoyed it, love the whole play however you want mechanic.

9: Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) – 8/10 – 20 hours
Beaten. It was great, still prefer the linearity of the first game, but this one is huge improve nonetheless.

10: Trine 3 (PS4) – 6/10 – 4 hours
Platinum. It was alright, way too easy. Ending was WTF?

11: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC) – 7/10 – 5 hours
Beaten. Nostalgia factor, never finished as a kid, finally decided to finish it.

12: Nier Automata (PS4) – 9/10 – 30 hours
Platinum. Loved it, replaying made it much interesting and gameplay is sublime.

13: Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) – 7.5/10 - 10 hours
Beaten and Still Playing. An addicting mobile game that gives me more fire emblem like gameplay while I wait for Warriors and FE Switch.

14: Persona 5 (PS4) – 10/10 – 90 hours
Beaten. After so many years, my hype has been satisfied. While not the best Persona game in my opinion is it the ultimate Persona game and has improved on literally almost everything from its predecessors.

15: Zelda Breath of the Wild (NS) – 10/10 – 60 hours
Beaten. I bought a $300 gaming system to play this even though I have a Wii U. 1 hour into the game, I had no regrets on buying the system and this game was something special.

16: Lego City Undercover (PS4) – 8/10 – 12 hours
Beaten. A good and different Lego game for once.

17: Super Mario Run (Android) -7/10 – 2 hours
Beaten and Still Playing. It’s Mario on mobile. There’s room for improvement but it’s a solid start.

18: 1-2 Switch (NS) – 7/10 – 2 hours
Playing Occasionally. Game is killer at parties and with 1 or more people. Should have been a pack in.

19: ABZU (PS4) – 6.5/10 – 2 hours
Beaten. Not bad, but it seems to copy Journey a tad too much.

20: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS) – 9.5/10 – 5 hours
Beaten and Still Playing. An excellent MK game with tons of content. And its portable!
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(12-31-2016, 06:50 PM)
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I failed 2016 cause a bunch of stuff slumped together in November, was on track before.

Progress 16/52

Game 1: The Last of Us Remastered - 14h [January 1st]
Pretty, pretty good. My only gripe is that the game encourages a stealthy aproach to encounter, yet the game lacks stealth related options/maneuvers. Soundtrack is ambient as fuck.

Game 2: The Last of Us Remastered - Left Behind - 3h [January2nd]
Good piece of DLC, but nothing to write home about.

Game 3: Day of The Tentacle Remastered - 5h [January 5th]
Good, but many of the items interactions are completely insane. You just have to try every posible combination until one works. Had a lot of crashes on PS4.

Game 4: God Of War II (Replay) - 10h [January 7th]
Man, this game is awesome. I only played it once, so i had time to do a replay before, hopefully, playing the sequel. I played on Hard (God), and some of the encounters were more bullshit than difficult.

Game 5: Dragon Age II - 6h [January 20th]
What the FUCK is this? What is this lackluster setting? What are these repeting sidequests? Who in the fuck designed this interface? Are all encounters dealing with wave after wave of enemies? What the fuck happened to the great game that was DA: O? I ain't playing this to completion, maybe it gets better more hours in but i won't continue to lose time to find out

Game 6: Mobile Suit Gundam Vs Gundam Next PLUS - 2h+ [January 27th]
I love this game. I always go back to it after a few months.

Game 7: Bloodborne - 40h+ [February 1st]
Excellent. Only gripe is that camera is not suited to giant enemies/bosses and that add a layer of frustration, but then again this is a common issue with all soulsborne games. I've yet to platinum it, but it seems to be the easiest one in that regard.

Game 8: Uncharted (Nathan Drake Collection) - 7h [February 10th]
Good. But fighting wave after wave with a shooting that feels this floaty gets quite tiresome. Gotta say i enjoyed the platforming despite it being as barebones as it can be, and camera angles being an annoyance.

Game 9: Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves (Nathan Drake Collection) - 9h [February 17th]
Better than its predecessor, but he bullet sponge enemies kinda get on your nerves after a while.

Game 10: Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception (Nathan Drake Collection) - 9h [February 22th]
The problems are still prevalent, shooting feels off, enemies are bullet sponges. Although, finally, grenades can be thrown back which was a feature that was sorely lacking before. Quite the looker. Still i prefer 2.

Game 11: Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End - 16h [March 1st]
Great sendoff to the characters, the gunplay is finally acceptable (when a game that runs at 30fps has better gunplay than its predecessors at 60fps is alarming). I prefer it over 2. Graphics, lord almighty.

Game 12: Disc Jam - 6h+ [March 10th]
Very good mechanically, but it needs a lot of polish in presentation. Single player would be welcome

Game 13: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - 6h+ [March 18th]
I've been waiting a few years to finally have this on PC. Great game.

Game 14: Ghost Recon: Wildlands - 18h+ [March 30th]
Now this is one is a bit hard to describe. The game itself is lackluster, astonishingly repetitive and clunky. But co-op with friends is great fun, it was a lacking genre tbh.

Game 15: Not A Hero - 6h [March 31st]
Short and sweet. With different unlockables i guess you could get a few more hours of gameplay

Game 16: Nier: Automata - 40h [April 3rd]
The only downside i can find is that performance on PS4 leaves a lot to be desired. I loved the game otherwise. Soundtrack is a gift.
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