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(03-20-2017, 01:34 PM)
CHC's Avatar

Originally Posted by Messofanego

It's a GAF relationship thread, but even more complicated.

Holy hell I couldn't come up with a more succcint description of the show if I was paid to.
Booker Dewitt
(03-20-2017, 01:54 PM)
Booker Dewitt's Avatar
Forgot about Bertie, she was the only reason why I kept going till they started showing that the main dude was a bit of a Fuck near the end of first season.

Yeah, I'll give this second season a go.
(03-21-2017, 02:02 AM)
dcelw540's Avatar
Man that season was great but fuck Mickey. Gus deserves better :(
(03-21-2017, 02:18 AM)
TerminalDogma's Avatar
Just finished the season. It was good, real good. I think I enjoyed season 1 more (it also came along just a few months after I ended a relationship and I was connecting with the show WAY too much). Still able to see myself both in Gus and Mickie. I think it's a tie between this and Bojack for my favorite Netflix series. Glad there is gonna be a season 3.
(03-21-2017, 07:42 AM)
Rapscallion's Avatar
Just finished the season. It was great. I thought the way the conflicts between Mickey and Gus were pretty natural and well written, though it pains me to see some it. Also..I feel for Randy. Maybe it's because I like Mike Mitchell and want to root for him, but...damn, he's a sad character that I wish had a little more for you to root for.

The last episode had some odd choices...The whole farmers market scene felt out of place and unrealistic.

I'm glad they're working on season 3.
Sora the Cat
(Yesterday, 06:44 PM)
Sora the Cat's Avatar
Just finished Season 2. I really love the show, but damn some of it was hard to watch, I just can't bring myself to like Mickey right now. Poor Gus :'(

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