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Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 12:12 PM)
febLey's Avatar
Never used a dating site, but I would.
(04-21-2017, 12:13 PM)
phen0m24's Avatar
Thread has been an interesting read. Was married over 14 years, divorced with kids for a few now.

The idea of a gamer dating site is actually simultaneously amusing and intriguing.

(Imagines - the below responses are just me being silly)

Grooming habits:
1) Though external human interaction is minimal, I bathe daily. It's how I was raised and it just seems right! (Don't ask how long I stand in the shower. Just, don't.)
2) I work from home, so I'll admit showering daily is optional. I save time and my water bill is low, or at least that's what I tell myself. Why am I talking to myself?
3) Grooming? YMMV.

Gaming habits:
1) Anything I'll say is likely understating how much I enjoy games. But I like spending time with people, and if your interests are similar, we'll always have stuff to talk about! (Preferably while in the same fireteam)
2) I like to watch. I mean, I enjoy watching Twitch as much as playing. Get your mind out of the gutter! Sitting down and playing daily isn't a requirement for me. Have you ever watched the Bob Ross Twitch channel? RUINED.
3) If you know what "poopsock" means, we'll get along fine. "Alexa, order socks!"

1) We're both on this site, so let's be clear. I'm not a fashion model. I'm in decent working condition, and other people seem to enjoy talking to me in social settings. I may have a few lbs to lose, but it's manageable! I have been known to eat leafy greens periodically and can perform 5 or more pushups. In under a minute.
2) Like I mentioned before, I work from home. Sweatpants are a faithful friend and sunlight is clearly optional. I may or may not shriek like Zartan when venturing outdoors.
3) I admit that I identify with Greg Miller's oft-worn shirt. You can guess which one. Also, while Geoff Keighley may be the "Doritos Pope," I actually led a campaign to bring back Spicy Nacho. (This profile is sponsored by Doritos)

1) Are we talking mounts here? Because Epona clearly has the best stats.
2) I like cats because memes, and dogs are fine too I guess. (Except the ones in Bloodborne which creep me out. Just saying.)
3) In a word, no. I may or may not have allergies, and I find litterboxes to be wretched hives of scum and villainy.

Life goals:
1) My name is Luke Skywalker and I'm here to rescue you. (Preferably a few minutes faster than on my last speed run.)
2) To beat Bloodborne in co-op. Listen I know it's cheap but From put the choir bell in, not me. It's more fun with a partner though. Please tell me you're good with a Holy Blade??
3) I'm here because my mom wants me out of her basement. (For real this time)

:P I'll never get a date.
(04-21-2017, 12:21 PM)
dock's Avatar
My gf of three years often points out that I excluded my interest in games in my profile, and I didn't mention I was a game developer until the second date.

My reason was largely that I probably wouldn't want to date a gamer that put gamer in their profile. I associate less and less with gaming every year, and I've never worn a headset for more than 10 minutes or platinumed any game.

Recently I've been enjoying drawing while my gf plays Breath of the Wild, which is the first game she's enjoyed for more than a couple of hours. She's at 60+ hrs and plays it most evenings.
(04-21-2017, 12:22 PM)
I do but I don't make it a big part; it seems like many girls are turned off more by the thought of someone who does nothing but gaming - just don't make it a focus and you'll be a-okay. Even if it is a focus of your life. Sometimes you have to tone down some things and exaggerate others, just to get a foot in the door.
(04-21-2017, 12:25 PM)

Originally Posted by Zyae

You really think the public knows what gamergate is?

Haha, exactly. Even I had to google what it was when I first joined GAF.
(04-21-2017, 12:32 PM)
notaskwid's Avatar
My profile name is NotaSkiwd.
My description is "I really like pulpo a la gallega.
For more information check neogaf.site"
(04-21-2017, 01:12 PM)
CyanideFuse's Avatar
Haven't ever used a dating site as I have a very long term partner. I am a woman and I wouldn't have a problem stating that I play games as a hobby. In fact, being a gaming snob, I would probably 'worry' they would think I meant mobile gaming. However, I don't think I would drill down into the specifics on the profile.

I wouldn't ever wish to be with someone who is dismissve / insulting towards something I do (gaming or whatever); they are free to dislike it but to inject a high-and-mighty condescension into it would piss me off immeasurably.
Last edited by CyanideFuse; 04-21-2017 at 01:32 PM. Reason: Wireless keyboards are ****
(04-21-2017, 01:21 PM)
N7.Angel's Avatar

Originally Posted by MetroidPrimeRib

Why be fake? Just put it on there.

Yeah this, be yourself, if someone think it sucks, then fuck them, you don't need people that don't enjoy life around you.
(04-21-2017, 01:24 PM)
Azzurri's Avatar
I put geek in mine, because I know I am with certain things. Whenever I bring a girl over they see my pc setup with 2 34 and 32" monitors and ask if I play games and I tell them I do. Doesn't seem to bother them
(04-21-2017, 01:40 PM)
gaiages's Avatar

Originally Posted by Jawmuncher

I put it on as a back piece but not a main focus.

Basically, I mentioned it casually in my profile, but it wasn't my main focus.

But as a woman, a lot of people really honed in on that lol. "What are you playing" became just as common as the typical "hi" or "how are you".

Of course, my SO didn't know the true extent of my hobbies until a few dates in, at least. Not like it bothered him.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 01:58 PM)
ChoppedandScrewed's Avatar
I've found that for the most part, to have success, I omit the fact that I like video games until we've clicked hard. It's pretty wild how quickly a girl (especially the "hot nerds") seems to lose interest in chatting if I mention that we have any common nerdy interests.

As far as my place goes, I'll leave the PS4 out but I'll unplug the controller from my laptop and put it away if it's a first date.
(04-21-2017, 02:02 PM)
Kebiinu's Avatar
When I used dating apps, I would put, "I'm a big ass nerd; anime, games, alladat. I also love walking around the city, reading, and watching movies. So if you like any of those, don't be shy."

I've honestly realized that if you don't LOOK like a stereotypical gamer, it's a turn on for a lot of people. In my experience anyway. I'm also the same way with other dudes looking to date. Theres just something about a good looking homeboy, playing more than 2k.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 02:11 PM)
I'm a guy who games like 4 hrs a day.

When I met my wife I just stopped cold turkey on games for about 6 months while we dated.

She moved in after about 4 months of dating and eventually I broke.

Then she says "Oh awesome Ive always wanted someone to play games with"

I've never felt so stupid. I still haven't gone back to play Mass Effect 3 because it released in that time period.

Now we both play games every single night together.
(04-21-2017, 02:35 PM)
PSYGN's Avatar
I don't game every day so I don't put it on there. I think in this day and age it's almost expected that a guy plays videogames whether casually or as a hobby. I guess if you put hours into it everyday then yeah, I'd put it on there. But know from a marketing-yourself perspective you're probably limiting your pool of potential dates who would actually be cool with your hobby once they got to know you. Hey, who said dating apps weren't superficial?
(04-21-2017, 08:30 PM)
Basketball's Avatar

she knows
(04-21-2017, 08:36 PM)
Piers's Avatar
I'm an artist who also likes reading the odd bit of manga. I've already made things difficult for myself.
(04-21-2017, 08:46 PM)
Spman2099's Avatar
Yeah, I think this is a tricky subject. If I were to write a dating profile I may forgo mentioning gaming. I have a lot of other interests, and I think, rightly or wrongly, gaming is still fairly stigmatized.

More importantly, it doesn't feel like an important component to my relationships. I need to be able to watch movies with someone I date, but I am quite happy to play video games on my own time.

As others have said, I think if you are female the dynamic is dramatically different. Few guys are going to hold that against you. Though, if we are being honest, you may end up drawing a lot of interest from guys you wouldn't want anything to do with.
Last edited by Spman2099; 04-21-2017 at 08:50 PM.
(04-21-2017, 08:57 PM)
Cleve's Avatar

Originally Posted by Basketball


she knows

Great, now I want some pizza.

I don't have an active dating profile, but when I did I mentioned it, it's my main hobby.
(04-21-2017, 09:47 PM)
CEJames's Avatar

Originally Posted by Basketball


she knows

Thanks for that link. Gave her a much deserved like :-P
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 11:51 PM)
GermanZepp's Avatar
Well, is not really on topic but, 7 years ago i was in my first blind date with a girl that i meet thru chatting in MSN .

After we see a "The Beats" concert (Beatles best cover band in the world) i convinced her to come to my aparment to "watch" Pulp Fiction. Long story short she spend the night with me.

Second date that same week we order pizza and while we wait i play "here comes the sun" in my 360 toy guitar from rockband. I nail the song and she was looking kinda sideways and raising an eyebrow. I said somethig like, videogames are my thing.

We still together and every night she says from the bed "stop playing and come sleep with me" . Just one more Rocket league match !!

True story.
(04-22-2017, 12:02 AM)
mdubs's Avatar
Definitely not. I'm already embarrassed about the fact I enjoy video games as it is
(04-22-2017, 12:09 AM)
Breakage's Avatar
"70% of my body is made of video games."

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