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(04-21-2017, 01:12 AM)
Jingo's Avatar
I played the hell out of Nioh, my favourite game this year but when i finished it i didnt want to start the dlc of dark souls 3 right way, i enjoyed Nioh but was a little tired of character management, stats upgrades armors etc etc
And didnt wanted to do that right away at dark souls cause i felt fatigued.

It just happened that Ryse came this month on xbox live gold and it coulnd had been better, a game with no learning curve , just sit back and enjoy the history while hackin and slashing in a simple way, it felt that it was just what i needed to now get back to the "hard work"

Do you also feel the need to take a break from a genre?
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 01:13 AM)
disappeared's Avatar
Variety's the spice of life, sure.
(04-21-2017, 01:15 AM)
Ceadeus's Avatar
I usually switch from action rpg adventure to fps
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 01:17 AM)
ZzzZombi's Avatar
Well, for me, that "hard work" is what makes me truly enjoy most games. Two weeks ago I finished Baldur's Gate 1 for the first time then played the expansion and currently playing BG2. On top of that, I'm also considering playing Pillars of Eternity for the first time. Just wanted to get that CRPG feeling before going into PoE and I'm not feeling any fatigue.

I guess I really love RPGs.
(04-21-2017, 01:18 AM)
Spukc's Avatar
Yeah breath of fire ruined open world games for me.
They all feel shit now compared to that game..

So yeah i have open world fatigue i guess :(
So at the moment i am playing stardew valley and slime rancher
blow in her face and
she'll follow you anywhere
(04-21-2017, 01:19 AM)
gdt's Avatar
Yeah. I tend to alternate genres. And lengthy games with short games.

How long to beat.com is essential for that.
(04-21-2017, 01:20 AM)
Creepy's Avatar
Sure, I don't usually play two games of the same type simultaneously.
(04-21-2017, 01:21 AM)
LegalEagleMike's Avatar
Yeah I get burnt out. Cant even convince myself to touch Dark Souls 3 dlc right now but I'm sure a year from now Ill be gung ho to do a whole new playthrough of all of it.
(04-21-2017, 01:23 AM)
TheSpaceBetween's Avatar
Absolutely. Too much of anything and it starts to lose it's luster.
(04-21-2017, 01:24 AM)
hersheyfan's Avatar
I usually have a "long" game which I focus on, generally an RPG or open world type (previously BotW, now Persona 5), and several shorter games (usually action games) to play in spurts to avoid getting burned out on the "main" game (presently Monster Boy on Switch and Bayonetta on PC).
(04-21-2017, 01:24 AM)
Devilgunman's Avatar
Definitely, after Horizon I don't want to start any open-world game for a while. Now I'm just playing Persona 5 and some visual novels which is great change of pace.
(04-21-2017, 01:28 AM)
Jawmuncher's Avatar
I really wanna play a linear action game (there's been so much open World). Too bad there's none out I want to play.
(04-21-2017, 01:30 AM)
a916's Avatar
Yes, I feel it, especially when I play back to back open world games and then try to get a third one in.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 01:30 AM)
disappeared's Avatar

Originally Posted by Jawmuncher

I really wanna play a linear action game (there's been so much open World). Too bad there's none out I want to play.

For what it's worth, Let it Die has been a blast, albeit sometimes a frustrating one. Souls-ish, but about as linear as it gets.
Von Krukru
(04-21-2017, 01:32 AM)
Von Krukru's Avatar
How can anyon play two open world game back to back? I get burn on these games so fast!
But I could play fighting game all year long tho.
(04-21-2017, 01:41 AM)
Tohsaka's Avatar

Originally Posted by Von Krukru

How can anyon play two open world game back to back? I get burn on these games so fast!
But I could play fighting game all year long tho.

I played Gravity Rush 2, Nier, Horizon and Zelda back to back, so it's possible. Definitely done with open world games for quite a while, though.
(04-21-2017, 01:42 AM)
bananafactory's Avatar
yeah that's why i usually have 3-4 games on the go at once, so i can play whichever one fits my mood at the time
Ryouji Gunblade
(04-21-2017, 01:42 AM)
Ryouji Gunblade's Avatar
Yes. Maybe it's not a genre exactly, but I might have finally exhausted my undying love for FPS PvP.

It just took years of 007, Halo, Battlefield, Destiny, and Overwatch to do it. And I was alternating genres the whole time.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 01:43 AM)
olag's Avatar
I make it a rule not to buy/play two open world games back to back. This gen almost burnt me out of games altogether cause of this shit.
(04-21-2017, 01:44 AM)
texasairhead101's Avatar
no matter what game I seem to always get bored of a JRPG's system at some point. turn based in particular.
(04-21-2017, 01:45 AM)
Geg's Avatar
Not really for genre, but more for scale of game. I took a break and played a smaller indie game after Breath of the Wild before diving into Nier Automata, and now I'm doing it again before starting Persona 5.
(04-21-2017, 01:46 AM)
paragonpro's Avatar
I played horizon then mass effect and nier and swore off open world "s (nier is 10/10 amazing btw) then i lucked into a switch and zelda and though its an open world ot feels incredibly refreshing to not have a million markers on my map
formerly sane
(04-21-2017, 01:46 AM)
LCGeek's Avatar
All the time. Had been on racers and mobas for a few years just started doing ARPGs and fps games as of late with occasional sp based rpg.
(04-21-2017, 01:47 AM)
PROh1bited's Avatar
It's happening with me right now.

Finished up BotW, Horizon and Watch Dogs 2, and I kinda needed a break from open world games, so I picked up the new season of The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy. I kinda just wanted to play something that was smaller in scope.
(04-21-2017, 01:47 AM)
Kremzeek's Avatar
yeah there's no way i'm doing Zelda after Horizon.

doing the Persona 5 palate cleanser.
(04-21-2017, 01:48 AM)
Megatron's Avatar
Yeah, I really want to dive into horizon, but I just finished Zelda. So I was looking for a game to play to take me off that and wound up with Persona 4 Golden. After that I will play nier and horizon and then maybe p5
(04-21-2017, 01:48 AM)
mindsale's Avatar
I think so, yeah. I like to mix Overwatch into my rotation every few weeks as my go-to FPS.
(04-21-2017, 01:49 AM)
Davey's Avatar
Not by genre but by franchise. if I feel satisfied enough from a franchise, I use to switch to another game on another franchise I haven't played or played a while ago to avoid burn-out
(04-21-2017, 01:50 AM)
nynt9's Avatar
I generally balance an intense game (right now it's PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS), a chill game (Persona 5) an evergeen game (Overwatch) and a portable game (Disgaea 5). Keeps things fresh.
(04-21-2017, 01:53 AM)
Nester99's Avatar
I do feel the need to mix it up.

For example i can do 2 open world games back to back, but no way on the 3rd one.
I really like RPG's but after a few i need to fire up a FPS and remind myself why i like RPG's so much (i suck at fps)
(04-21-2017, 02:03 AM)
Daouzin's Avatar

I think it's less genre specific and more, investment specific. I can't always play something super focused like Bloodborne or The Witness, I need to mix it up with other games where I can play a stage or a segment, pause it and watch netflix or hack and slash while I watch something.

Right now I'm jumping between:
Breath of the Wild
Danganronpa 1
Dirt Showdown
(04-21-2017, 02:04 AM)
PooBone's Avatar
I get exhausted of open world games. Usually when I finish one I never touch it again.

Whatever happened to really good, well-crafted 10-15 hour games? Did the studios out there other than Remedy ALL go bankrupt?
The Horror the horror
(04-21-2017, 02:05 AM)
The Horror the horror's Avatar
Every time I beat an sRPG, I need a long break from the genre.
(04-21-2017, 02:05 AM)
primasaurus's Avatar
Switching to on the go gaming, so much more game time now :p
(04-21-2017, 02:06 AM)
MugiwaraCole's Avatar
Depends, but I've only ever gotten fatigue from playing multiple open-world or FPS games in a row.
(04-21-2017, 02:07 AM)
Gaspard's Avatar
I burnt out on puzzle games like Layton and I can't look at the guy anymore.

Often I switch from any genre to Overwatch. It's a good palette cleanser.
True Fire
(04-21-2017, 02:07 AM)
True Fire's Avatar
After Persona 5 I won't be playing turn based RPGs for a long ass time lol.
(04-21-2017, 02:10 AM)
Hikami's Avatar
I usually just take a break from games for a while instead.

After several games in the same genre though then yeah, I end up switching between RPGs and shooters mostly.
James Scott
(04-21-2017, 02:15 AM)
James Scott's Avatar
Probably don't want to play a turn based RPG in awhile, at least.
But, yeah. Wouldn't recommend playing a bunch of games in the same genre close to each other. I remember seeing people play all the Zelda games and/or Horizon before BoTW and that sounded like a bad idea
Cannon Goose
(04-21-2017, 02:17 AM)
Cannon Goose's Avatar
I've got my big backlog list (which is thankfully getting smaller instead of growing!) and I try to not play the same style of game one after the other to keep things fresh.

Right now I've got the Dark Souls PvP bug again, so I play that and Overwatch between whatever new game I'm playing at the moment (Shovel Knight) which gives me some decent variety.
Admiral Woofington
m'Souls, m'lady
(04-21-2017, 02:19 AM)
Admiral Woofington's Avatar
I've played back to back rpg or rpg element games and nope.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 02:20 AM)
Zugma's Avatar
Yeah, I definitely get some serious genre fatigue if I just try and play through a series without mixing another genre in between. I had only played Demon's Souls around the start of last year, and I wanted to check out the rest of the series, so I played DS 1, 2, Bloodborne, and then DS3 all back-to-back. I really enjoyed the first three titles, but by the time I got to DS3 I was just completely done with the genre for awhile. I wasn't able to fully appreciate DS3 for what it was, and I still look back on it as the worst in the series, even though I know the fatigue was clouding my judgment.

My backlog is really extensive, and I have lots of series of games I would like to play through, but I don't think i'll make the same mistake again, as I did with the souls games. Mixing in some variety is pretty important.
(04-21-2017, 02:21 AM)
CEJames's Avatar

Originally Posted by disappeared

Variety's the spice of life, sure.

Pretty much this. I play too many different types of genres to ever really feel fatigue.

But I guess I suffered from franchise fatigue when I was playing Tales of Zesteria. Took me a while to finish that but I got through Berseria just fine. Maybe it was because I enjoyed Berseria's presentation more than Zesteria.....oh well, whatever. But now I'm excited to think about what the next Tales of game will be.

TL; DR - I suffer from franchise fatigue more than genre fatigue.
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 02:26 AM)
fossi8's Avatar
Yes, last night played FIFA then Nier Automata and ended with Puyo Puyo Tetris Demo,, 100% satisfied.
(04-21-2017, 02:27 AM)
RedToad64's Avatar

Originally Posted by gdt

Yeah. I tend to alternate genres. And lengthy games with short games.

How long to beat.com is essential for that.

This is my strategy as well.

Originally Posted by PooBone

I get exhausted of open world games. Usually when I finish one I never touch it again.

Whatever happened to really good, well-crafted 10-15 hour games? Did the studios out there other than Remedy ALL go bankrupt?

Dude, you have plenty of options...
(04-21-2017, 02:27 AM)
nailbombxx's Avatar
Literally just do what I want
(04-21-2017, 02:28 AM)
PooBone's Avatar
I'm pretty certain playing Zelda first is why I really didn't like Horizon: Zero Dawn. If I'd played them in the order they released that week, I'd probably feel different.
(04-21-2017, 02:29 AM)
watdaeff4's Avatar
The last few months in order to prevent this I started juggling multiple titles from different genres and it's helped. ESP if one or more of the games are lengthy.

e.g. Recently I've been playing
Breath of the Wild
Resident Evil 7
MLB the Show.

Once I beat RE7, I started Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and going back to Overwatch and other FPS like Halo 5 or R6 Siege for variety spice, shorter play sessions or if I just want to play and not have to think hard about what is going on.
(04-21-2017, 02:29 AM)
KingdomHeartsFan's Avatar
Definitely, I get burned out on long JRPGs if I play too many back to back.
Impetuous Imp
Junior Member
(04-21-2017, 02:31 AM)
I switch genres often, but it's not usually due to "fatigue" so much as "hey, I really liked that game and nothing else in the same genre is going to be quite the same, so I'll do something else for a while," if that makes any sense.

For instance, I played through all the Deus Ex games for the first time a few months ago and really enjoyed them. Tried to move on to Styx immediately afterwards and i just kept comparing them - it wasn't fun. So I played Poi instead.

I guess it's more a way to give each game/franchise its own breathing room without comparing it to something else which, while in the same genre, might feel and play completely differently.

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